Army Public School attack: Hamza Kamran — Age: 14

Son of Muhammad Kamran Shafi and Najma KamranSiblings: Momina Kamran (18), Hira Kamran (16)Hamza was a studious ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Muhammad Kamran Shafi and Najma Kamran

Siblings: Momina Kamran (18), Hira Kamran (16)

Hamza was a studious child but was equally interested in sport — basket ball and cricket being his favourites. He had held several positions in his class and had also won many awards for sports and other co-curricular activities.

The only brother of two sisters and close to his mother, Hamza would eat whatever meals were cooked at home but did particularly enjoy burgers and karhai gosht.

Hamza liked animals and birds but to make sure he wasn’t distracted from his studies, his parents didn’t let him keep any pets at home.

His parents recall how the one month the family spent together during Haj last year created fond memories for them now that Hamza is no longer with them. During the Haj, Hamza looked after two old ladies, helped them with their wheelchairs and made sure they were comfortable.

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