Army Public School attack: Shahbaz Ali – Age 15

Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:12pm

Son of Shoukat (late) and Khalida Ali

Siblings: Saba Gul (18)

Hailing from a village in Lower Dir, the Ali family has suffered two tragedies. Shahbaz’s father passed away a year before he was killed in the attack. With Shahbaz and his father both gone, his mother and sister have had to relocate from Peshawar back to the village.

Mrs Ali says her son was an obedient and respectful person. He was praised by his teachers and loved by his friends.

He had a curious mind and enjoyed doing research and reading about things. He liked to wear sneakers and jogging suits.

She is a brave woman who is trying to move past the tragedies in her life. She prays for peace and endurance.

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