Army Public School attack: Saad Ur Rehman – Age 15

Son of Mr and Mrs Zahid Abdullah ShahSiblings: Ibad ur Rehman (19), Maad ur Rehman (10)Saad loved computers. He was...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Mr and Mrs Zahid Abdullah Shah

Siblings: Ibad ur Rehman (19), Maad ur Rehman (10)

Saad loved computers. He was known as a ‘computer master’ and was popular amongst his friends for repairing faulty machines.

He was very close to his father; they were like best friends. He took special care of him, and the last thing he did each night was make sure his father had had a glass of water.

He was responsible about helping his mother with household chores and gladly brought groceries when she needed them.

He had parrots and fish for pets and loved coming home to play with them.

His father said that his son used to care his family members a lot, specially his father. His father said that every night he used to bring a bottle of water to him and usually used to stress his father to take his medicine regularly.

He liked Chinese food, but loved tikkas – especially those he barbecued himself.

His family prays for endurance as they deal with this terrible tragedy.

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