Army Public School attack: Osama Zafar – Age 15

Son of Seema Shehwar and Zafar IqbalSiblings: Fatma Zafar (13), Ayesha Zafar (12), Talha Zafar (10)Osama’s family...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Seema Shehwar and Zafar Iqbal

Siblings: Fatma Zafar (13), Ayesha Zafar (12), Talha Zafar (10)

Osama’s family says he was an obedient son. He had a generous disposition, and would always ask his gate keeper about his health and make sure he has been served meals on time.

His father recalls that he was born in the Combined Military Hospital in Peshawar on a Tuesday, 15 years ago. He died in that very same hospital, on that fateful Tuesday.

He had been asked by his parents to leave APS as its affiliation was with the federal board, and to take admission at a school that was affiliated with the Peshawar board. But Osama refused. He was happy at his school and was a good, hard working student.

His favourite hobby was glass painting. He loved painting and would decorate his house with his artwork.

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