Army Public School attack: Noor Ullah Durrani – Age 15

Son of Falak Naz and Tehseen Ullah DurraniSibling: Sana (19), Hafsa (17), Ammara (11)Noor Ullah Durrani was very...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Falak Naz and Tehseen Ullah Durrani

Sibling: Sana (19), Hafsa (17), Ammara (11)

Noor Ullah Durrani was very close to his family. His sister says that when they were in the same school, he would treat his friends to snacks from the canteen and put the tab on his sister.

He wanted to be doctor and was a genius with computers. His father says Noor Ullah knew how to resolve any computer glitch and was known in their colony for being a ‘computer master’. His neighbours would come to him when they had to make repairs to their computers.

His mother, a teacher, says Noor Ullah would often tease her by saying it would be comical if he gave her one of her own tests and she failed it.

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