Army Public School attack: Muhammad Waqar – Age 15

Updated Dec 15, 2015 09:42pm

Son of Muhammad Raiz and Rukhsana Raiz

Siblings: Muhammad Hamza age 18 years student (APS), Muhammad Asim age 13 years student (APS), Muhammad Haris age 6 years student, Maryam age 12 years student.

So innately gifted was Muhammad Waqar that he only had to scan his books once to know what was in them, after which he would write a stellar exam and even earn a position in his school.

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And Muhammad Waqar knew that and engaged zealously in extra-curricular activities in school for which he had also won several laurels.

Overwhelmed with grief, his father Muhammad Riaz weeps while recalling his son’s many talents. Waqar’s mother, he says, still takes out her son’s belongings and wells up.

Waqar was a Qari and had learnt five siparahs of the Holy Quran by heart; he also offered prayers five times a day. He enjoyed both playing and watching cricket. He was devoted to his parents, and loved them immensely.

“I worked hard to give my son a good life but with him gone, I’ve lost all interest,” says his father.

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