Rupam Jain Nair

Four Indian sisters injured in acid attack

NEW DELHI: An acid attack left four sisters in north India with burns, police said on Wednesday, in a particularly brutal example of what is a growing problem in South Asia. Published 04 Apr, 2013 05:02am

A ‘tipping point’ for India

NEW DELHI: They may never know her name, but the protesters were determined that the gang-rape victim would serve as a “tipping point” in the battle to end a culture of violence against women in India Published 29 Dec, 2012 09:05pm

India chafes over defeat 50 years after war with China

NEW DELHI: Fifty years ago India tasted bitter defeat at the hands of China in a brief border war, and the memory still spooks New Delhi’s leaders as they try to compete with their powerful Asian neighbour. Published 19 Oct, 2012 10:31pm