Nazish Brohi

Winning the peace

The demands for accountability are not a rejection of the state but the trajectory to its acceptance. Published Apr 21, 2019 07:13am

Playing the odds

Democratising institutions that could serve as proxies becomes part of the larger political interest. Published Sep 03, 2018 06:01am

Bearing witness

Moving towards an inclusive, plural model will not undermine Pakistan’s existence. Published Apr 22, 2018 07:19am

Missing links

The arguments about missing persons are smokescreens. Published Feb 25, 2018 07:19am

The state and diyat

Islamic scholars have spoken out against how the diyat law is currently misused in the country. Updated Feb 03, 2018 03:58pm

What festers below

Rules and procedures are not only a maze but also work as an extractive industry. Published Sep 16, 2017 07:05am

What’s in a word?

Much to activists’ frustration, there’s no local word for rape. Published Aug 08, 2017 05:22am

Veils of violence

Hidden in blasphemy accusations lie the property case, the enmity... Published Jul 23, 2017 07:28am

Brain fog

Good questions may be more important than good answers. Published Jul 11, 2017 07:01am

‘Operation Same Page’

The risk that Pakistan’s democracy presents is that it leans towards oppressive majoritarianism. Published Jun 06, 2017 01:21am

State of the state

There will not be a historic moment heralding rivers gushing with the milk of democracy. Published Nov 05, 2016 03:25am

A city simmers

The damp and the dry both burn. Updated Aug 28, 2016 07:31am

Honour & deviance

The honour code earlier was a governance code. Published Jul 28, 2016 03:19am

Contesting culture

Artists wouldn’t feel so insecure if the state had acted earlier. Published Jul 12, 2016 03:16am

Magical angst

The maddest conspiracy becomes real. Published May 27, 2016 02:59am

Guarding the guardians

The spillover of police tactics is inevitable as paramilitary forces increasingly take over the task of policing. Published May 10, 2016 06:57am

Undoing dissonance

The power of intra-community social control has broken down. Published Apr 18, 2016 02:09am

Detoxifying the body politic

Christians, the largest religious minority in Punjab, face persecution at three levels. Published Apr 05, 2016 01:53am

Time out of joint

Women and through them, the home, were the last bastion against modernity. Published Mar 08, 2016 01:45am