Rimmel Mohydin

Saving Khizar

On death row since 2003, Khizar does not know why he is in jail. Updated Jan 17, 2019 10:18am

Death of a prisoner

Zulfiqar could have come home had the foreign ministry taken action. Updated Jun 04, 2018 01:09am

Public hangings

The CII’s recent one-page ruling is confusing. Updated Jun 03, 2018 02:52am

Reviewing the death penalty

The first thing you notice about the death penalty is how much preparation is involved. In two years, Pakistan has... Updated Jun 13, 2019 07:27am

We, the women

Narratives of Afghan women are presented in a compilation of stories that is reflective of their deeper strength Updated Jun 03, 2018 02:48am

When a hundred flowers bloom

An anthology of 20th century Chinese literature offers insight into the country’s endurance and rapid rise Updated Jun 03, 2018 02:48am