Roshaneh Zafar

A grisly spectacle

Public executions will only further brutalise society. Published Feb 28, 2020 06:54am

No place for girls

Though rescinded, KP’s abaya policy betrays a regressive mindset. Updated Sep 26, 2019 04:02pm

Trafficking lives

We are all implicated in social mores that devalue women and girls. Published May 18, 2019 07:05am

Invisible labour

The relationship between the formal and informal economy is complex. Published Jan 04, 2019 07:08am

Children at work

Demand for child labour is on the increase in the country. Published Jul 08, 2018 07:15am

No more Zainabs

Most victims of child sexual abuse feel unable to confide in adults. Published Mar 07, 2018 07:10am

Population emergency

60pc of the population in Pakistan is younger than 30. Published Dec 07, 2017 06:54am

Safe workplaces

Most women prefer not to complain about sexual harassment. Published Oct 05, 2017 05:51am