Javed Jabbar

A new opportunity?

Pakistan’s diplomacy requires a bold communications strategy. Updated Aug 28, 2019 10:15am

In search of novelty

THE election 2018 slogan of creating a ‘Naya’ (new) Pakis­tan was clearly a sincerely meant theme to express ... Published Aug 14, 2019 07:05am

Distorting Shimla

In Kashmir’s context, bilateralism masks an attempted bullyism. Updated Aug 07, 2019 08:30am

Electoral dangers

Big victory margins crush small yet worthy causes. Published Jun 19, 2019 07:09am

Civil-military ties

Existing mechanisms for dialogue are important, yet inadequate. Published Jan 10, 2019 05:25am

Media and polls

To what extent does coverage determine who wins an election? Published Jun 21, 2018 06:51am

Malnourishment peril

About 44pc of our children do not get adequate food. Published May 13, 2018 07:19am

Small screen, big scream

The last 15 years have seen a surge in the number of television channels and radio stations in the country. Updated Oct 16, 2017 10:58pm

Testing boundaries

All states require secrecy in some aspects. Published Oct 23, 2016 02:06am

A window into the past

Prosaic yet readable, reserved yet revelatory, Syed Fida Hassan’s memoirs constitute an interesting book despite its Published Sep 04, 2016 07:55am

Unwise voting

The Brexit vote could have included the ‘renegotiate’ option. Published Jun 28, 2016 02:52am

Precision and passion

Muhammad Ali Siddiqi’s memoirs show his immense fervour for his country and his profession Published Mar 20, 2016 07:41am