Fida Hussain

Imperfect beauty

Colour mutations: Let’s find out why these animals and birds get colour mutations Published Feb 02, 2019 06:59am

Living in space

You wake up and look outside the window and instead of the sun or its glimmering golden light. Published Sep 09, 2017 07:15am

Treats from the ocean!

Japan is the king of weird ice cream flavours, but France isn’t far behind after gourmet ice cream maker... Published Jul 01, 2017 08:03am

Raised by animals

Tarzan was a legendary character created by author Edgar Rice Burroughs in his 1912 novel Tarzan Of The Apes. The... Published Apr 08, 2017 06:21am

Timeless toys

Toys bring excitement in their lives and become their most precious possessions. Published Feb 17, 2017 09:00am

Wonder domes

If you have seen the movie Smurfs or Alice in the Wonderland, you might have wondered about mushrooms — if they... Updated Feb 17, 2017 01:33am

The weird world of colours

Illustration by Muhammad Faizan Colours are everywhere, from our favourite shoes and clothes to the wonders... Published Dec 03, 2016 06:08am

Going extreme!

There was a time when sport was just sport — no mild or extreme in it. But with time, things have changed so much... Published Oct 15, 2016 06:03am