Riaz Mohammad Khan

India, Kashmir & deterrence

The Aug 5 move has so poisoned the well that it is difficult to see a path to normal relations with India. Updated Dec 09, 2019 09:10am

Post-370 options?

The reaction by Pakistan has been sharp while response internationally is so far predictably muted. Updated Aug 11, 2019 08:55am

Dawn Exclusive: A time for restraint

The situation prevailing between Pakistan and India can spark a conflict with incalculable consequences for both sides. Updated Feb 27, 2019 06:33pm

Learning from China?

Never before has a human society achieved so much development within the span of one generation. Updated Sep 25, 2018 10:04am

Environment service sector

The concept of an environment service sector must reach beyond the creation of green industries and jobs. Published May 11, 2018 07:28am

Rethinking Afghanistan

What must follow is an honest and frank conversation with Washington and Kabul. Published Feb 16, 2018 01:42am

Kashmir talks: reality & myth

Kashmiri sacrifices and suffering must not be viewed through the prism of our security. Published Sep 11, 2017 07:16am

Unsung in the Muslim world

With the death of mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, a light in the Muslim world has been extinguished. Published Jul 31, 2017 06:22am