Gary Younge

Republicans out to get Obama

THE thing people often forget about the story of the boy who cried wolf was that, at the end of the day, there was a... Published 21 May, 2013 07:57am

Obama risks credibility over drones

ON JAN 27, CBS aired an interview with the newly inaugurated President Barack Obama and his outgoing secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, during which the president faced accusations that under his watch Published 12 Feb, 2013 02:37am

Iraq lessons have been forgotten

In April 1968 a squad from the US 9th infantry division in Vietnam hit a tripwire, triggering a landmine. In the troop carrier were two brothers, Chuck and Tom Hagel. Chuck freed an unconscious Tom from the wreckage and both were evacuated Published 14 Jan, 2013 09:03pm

Those who would cancel a promise to black America

One of the rare moments of enthusiasm at the Republican convention this year was when former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice evoked her life story as an example of the innate genius within the American spirit that enables the country to overcome every Published 11 Dec, 2012 12:05am

Self-assured Obama recovers

BARACK Obama had one thing going for him coming into this debate: he couldn’t be any worse than the last time. Mitt Romney had one drawback: he apparently couldn’t be any better. Published 19 Oct, 2012 01:01am

Americans deserve a better choice

At a dinner table in Akron, Ohio, recently half a dozen Democratic activists took a break from trashing Ralph Nader for allowing a Bush victory in 2000 to discuss the material benefits of Barack Obama’s first term. One had been able to keep his children o Published 08 Oct, 2012 10:31pm

Greece needs extension on fiscal pledges

ATHENS, Sept 15: Greece needs a two-year extension from its international creditors to meet fiscal pledges, and a liquidity boost from the European Central Bank, said Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Published 16 Sep, 2012 05:03am

The most racially polarised US election ever

LONDON: As Republicans were promoting themselves as a multiracial party from the platform in Tampa two weeks ago, an ugly incident on the convention floor suggested not everyone had got the memo. From the podium a range of speakers of Haitian, Mexican, Cu Published 10 Sep, 2012 11:01pm

Clinton makes speech that Obama needed most

CHARLOTTE (USA): Say what you want about Bill Clinton — and people do — but he gives good convention. And so he should. The last time he didn't address a convention was 1984. He knows which delegates’ buttons to press because he sewed so many of them on h Published 06 Sep, 2012 09:23pm

Republicans must change Romney’s image

TAMPA (United States): “Politics is theatre,” said the late Harvey Milk. “It doesn’t matter if you win. You make a statement. You say, ‘I’m here, pay attention to me.'” Published 30 Aug, 2012 03:27am

Republicans’ weird worldview

THE dramatic turning point in the career of Will McAvoy, the once inoffensive network anchor in the new hit drama The Newsroom, comes when he’s asked to explain why America is the best country in the world. Published 31 Jul, 2012 12:00am