Ewen MacAskill

Obama pushes immigration reform deadline

WASHINGTON: Barack Obama put pressure on Congress on Monday to introduce an immigration reform bill by April, saying the “time has come to fix once and for all” the broken system. Published 27 Mar, 2013 12:03am

US election: crucial states swinging away from Romney

During the US election, American voters are the most heavily polled in the world, with hardly a day passing this year without a new survey. They almost all pointed to the same conclusion: the 2012 White House race Published 29 Sep, 2012 03:09am

Michelle Obama electrifies Democrats

CHARLOTTE (United States): Michelle Obama electrified Democrats on the opening night of the party's national convention with a powerful and unashamedly personal speech in which she invoked the future of her own children as she made the personal and politi Published 06 Sep, 2012 03:05am

Romney says he is the real hope and change

TAMPA (USA): Mitt Romney formally launched his bid to become the next US president with a promise to deliver economic recovery and the hope that he can capitalise on widespread disillusionment with Barack Obama to carry him into the White House Published 01 Sep, 2012 01:11am

Convention to make or break Romney

MITT Romney faces four days that could make or break his bid for the presidency as delegates start to gather in Tampa for the Republican party convention, against a troubled backdrop of a tropical storm and a row over a Senate candidate’s comments on rape Published 26 Aug, 2012 02:01am

Reversing family planning neglect

A MAJOR summit is being planned for July that aims to pour money into family planning in the developing world after almost two decades of neglect, particularly during the Bush years. Published 12 Jun, 2012 12:00am

Obama to press Merkel on eurozone growth package

WASHINGTON: Barack Obama is to press German Chancellor Angela Merkel to support a growth package to help bail out Europe at the G8 summit this weekend amid fears in the White House that the eurozone crisis Published 17 May, 2012 01:12am

Plight of Native Americans

THE UN is to conduct an investigation into the plight of US Native Americans, the first such mission in its history. The human rights inquiry led by James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on indigenous Published 24 Apr, 2012 12:01am

US faces uphill task in Iraq

WASHINGTON: Thousands of American civilian officials poised to take over from the US military in Iraq next month ... Published 21 Aug, 2010 12:00am

US faces uphill task in Iraq

WASHINGTON Thousands of American civilian officials poised to take over from the US military in Iraq next month face... Published 21 Aug, 2010 12:00am

Cyber-security summit

THE spectre of crashing power grids, stalled air control towers, hospitals brought to a standstill and defences left... Published 07 May, 2010 12:00am

Thaw in US-China relations

A THAW in relations between the US and China appears to be under way after months of strain between the two... Published 03 Apr, 2010 12:00am