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New leader puts theories to test

New leader puts theories to test

TO become president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai changed his wardrobe and modified his name, gave up ... Published 28 Sep, 2014 06:43am

Cannabis output rises in Afghanistan

KABUL: The amount of Afghan farmland planted with cannabis fell by nearly a fifth last year after one province... Published 12 Sep, 2013 06:59am

Afghanistan needs more policewomen

KABUL: Only one per cent of Afghanistan’s police officers are female, and if the country does not increase the... Published 11 Sep, 2013 07:01am

US cuts funds for Afghan educators

KABUL: The United States has stopped funding a charity that educates some of Afghanistan's most vulnerable abuse... Updated 20 Aug, 2013 07:49am

Bamiyan haunted by Taliban massacre

BAMIYAN: The people of Bamiyan raged against Black Hawk helicopters swooping too close to the empty niches that once held their colossal Buddha statues, blown up the Taliban in 2001, because the choppers’ Published 16 May, 2013 04:01am

Karzai determined to curb CIA’s Afghan operations

KABUL: Afghan President Hamid Karzai is determined to curb CIA operations after the death of a US agent and 10 Afghan children in a battle he believes was fought by an illegal militia working for the US spy agency. Published 21 Apr, 2013 05:08am

Afghan violence cutting civilians from healthcare

KABUL: An increase in armed groups and the splintering of insurgent factions is cutting Afghans off from healthcare in ever greater numbers, the Red Cross has warned, days after two medical workers were shot dead Published 20 Apr, 2013 01:12am