Wadah Khanfar

Syrian conflict threatens to expand beyond borders

LONDON: The Syrian revolution is entering its third year. An estimated 70,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands injured, one million are now refugees, and a generation has been lost to violence. Published 17 Mar, 2013 03:03am

Iraq’s sectarian conflict bodes ill for Middle East

THE BLOOD that has been spilt in Syria over the past two years has polarised the country and the region along sectarian lines. But while Syria is fracturing, the situation in Iraq is even more serious. The sectarian divides Published 19 Jan, 2013 03:00am

Crisis threatens Egypt’s transition to democracy

CAIRO: The latest crisis to sweep Egypt has inflicted considerable damage, and now threatens the country’s transition to democracy. The rules of political competition have not been followed, and politics has veered towards violence, harming both opponents Published 13 Dec, 2012 03:20am

International approach to Somalia must change

AMID the flurry of international concern with the European economic crisis, the American elections, the controversy surrounding Iran and the fall-out from the Arab spring, it is important not to ignore Somalia. Published 03 Oct, 2012 12:13am

The three pillars of Egypt

LONDON: The Arab world has recently gone through its most anxious period since the start of the Arab spring 19 months ago. People held their breath before their television screens, awaiting the outcome of the Egyptian Published 30 Jun, 2012 02:31am

Rise of political Islam

ENNAHDA, the Islamic party in Tunisia, won 41 per cent of the seats of the Tunisian constitutional assembly last month, causing consternation in the West Published 28 Nov, 2011 07:58pm

Al Jazeera chief trails the memo

LONDON: I have lost count of the number of accusations levelled against Al Jazeera and the incidents of harassment ... Published 03 Dec, 2005 12:00am