Atif Khan

Learning photography

Away from professional studies, there is a world that helps you bring out the creativity buried inside you. Published Feb 07, 2020 07:25am

Newsmakers: When India went bonkers

IT was a year when India, by its own standards, went bonkers. From revocation of Article 370 to Citizenship (Amendment) Published Jan 01, 2020 08:34am

The emerging option

TAQI is a young banker working for a large local bank in Karachi. With a relevant degree from IBA his career is set... Updated Feb 15, 2019 05:15pm

All adrenalin won’t do

GOING on a international vacations takes a lot of planning. Deciding on a destination is just the start. Visas,... Published Jan 31, 2019 07:05am

Visitors from the East

IN Pakistan’s recent turbulent history, across the length and breadth of the country, isolation from the rest of... Published Jan 31, 2019 07:05am