Vaqar Ahmed

When I bought a 'complete' Mercedes

My dream to own a Mercedes finally came true when I was a ripe 50-years-old; it had no fairy tale ending though. Updated May 10, 2015 12:02am

My love affair with Lucie

My second foray in matters of the heart was a big heavy Mazda 929 Luce, pronounced Lucie by all and sundry in Pakistan. Updated Mar 21, 2015 03:37pm

Bhit Shah: After the dhamaal

I decided to visit the shrine on a regular day in January to get a feel of this very special place at a quieter time. Updated Apr 10, 2015 11:27am

The sea is not for the poor

Our administration has yet again done what it loves to do best: Enforce a ban ... on the beach. Published Oct 09, 2014 03:27pm

In praise of tea

Witness the chai craze in the streets, shops and bazaars of Pakistan. Updated Apr 10, 2015 11:02am

A letter to an unborn child

My dear little one, unfortunately, I will not be celebrating your birth since I have already attended your funeral. Published Jun 02, 2014 02:10pm

Karachi, the colourful

A testament to the artistic sensibilities of the dynamic city’s denizens. Published Feb 11, 2014 02:16pm