Ahmed Affan

The ground reality

AWAY from the entire debate surrounding tobacco consumption, there can be no argument about the hardcore legality of... Published Apr 25, 2019 07:06am

Onwards and upwards

THERE is no doubt that Pakistan’s retail sector is moving onwards and upwards. That much is beyond debate. When it... Published Apr 25, 2019 07:06am

The critical disconnect

WE often get to see young graduates moaning about lack of opportunities for the freshies in the job market and that... Published Feb 08, 2019 07:01am

The dreaded three words

DEATH in the extended family, delay in salary, mobile snatching incident, your laptop taken over by ransomware, or... Published Jan 31, 2019 07:05am

The myth of thumbs and hearts

I REMEMBER watching a few years ago a documentary which explained a theory saying that humans have anatomically... Published Jan 31, 2019 07:05am