Moeed Yusuf

Modi’s next move

India’s direction leaves Pakistan with a dilemma. Published Aug 20, 2019 07:17am

Divisions persist

Trump wants Pakistan to get him a peace deal. Published Jul 30, 2019 05:43am

The US visit

The visit is most likely a result of a decision by the US leadership. Published Jul 09, 2019 07:37am

A national problem

A trip to the north reflects the state’s lack of empathy. Published Jun 18, 2019 07:07am

Afghan peace

Do the Taliban think that Trump will tweet his way to an abrupt pullout? Published May 07, 2019 07:01am

A changed approach

The word ‘nuclear’ hardly ever came up during the Pulwama crisis. Published Apr 16, 2019 06:53am

Going forward

Pakistan and India must agree on steps to manage crises. Published Mar 26, 2019 07:12am

A regional counter narrative

By focusing only on north-south axis will boost the GDP between $6-24bn over the next 30 years. Updated Mar 30, 2019 12:01am

Not isolated

The choice of Balakot seems to have been influenced by Uri. Updated Mar 05, 2019 10:45am

Ready for reform?

IMF money means nothing if we don’t get real. Updated Feb 12, 2019 09:32am

Biased schooling

Public schools produced the crème of Pakistan. What happened? Published Jan 22, 2019 06:54am

Out of the box

Taskforces fill a gaping hole in the policymaking machinery. Published Jan 01, 2019 07:19am

Able ministers?

The stars exist, but their efforts are drowned out in a sea of incompetence. Published Dec 11, 2018 06:45am

Past choices

Was the U-turn comment an admission? Updated Nov 20, 2018 09:23am

Joint solution

Pakistan and the US must cooperate on Afghanistan. Updated Oct 30, 2018 02:49pm

An opportunity

Regional events may have opened up space to break the logjam. Updated Sep 18, 2018 12:54pm

Sycophant culture

Khan should rule Pakistan as a last-term prime minister. Published Aug 28, 2018 06:52am