Meer M. Parihar

Sindh’s water woes

Sindh’s water woes

The plan to construct the Sindh Barrage has many flaws. Published 30 Sep, 2019 06:59am
Education in Sindh

Education in Sindh

Like Rashida, hundreds of village girls are now accessing education. Published 20 Mar, 2019 05:39am

Education challenge

THE refusal of Laado to accompany her mother to the paddy fields during the harvesting season because of homework is... Published 07 Jan, 2014 07:29am

Export to EU markets

THE EU authorities have once again declined Pakistan the opportunity to export fish to their markets Published 27 Nov, 2011 07:12pm

Opportunity from calamity

THE inhabitants of rural Sindh have been facing natural disasters for two consecutive years. Last year, breaches as ... Published 01 Nov, 2011 12:10am

Agri crisis fuels rural poverty

Poverty is the root cause of social disharmony and maladies in the society hence, its alleviation has remained the... Published 04 Aug, 2003 12:00am