Kamran Shafi

What arrogance, what delusion

SO then, 53 “carefully selected” and “chosen carefully Pakistani foreign policy elite” — retired civilian and... Published 05 Sep, 2011 08:32pm

Kudos and condemnation

WHAT else this week but loud applause for Nawaz Sharif for so courageously advocating peace with India at a recently... Published 22 Aug, 2011 08:07pm

Showing the mirror to ourselves

I HAVE written about this before; it begs to be written about again: the ludicrous, ridiculous, absurd, outrageous,... Published 15 Aug, 2011 08:02pm

Grow up, stop whingeing

A MOST respectable gentleman has written to me to clarify certain aspects of Dr Fai’s case, principally that the FBI... Published 01 Aug, 2011 09:32pm

Not in our names, please

I AM going to say it again: not in my name, your shenanigans (for there is no better word for what you do), sirs; ... Published 26 Jul, 2011 12:00am

An end to media-driven agendas?

IT is good to hear that the Pakistan-American relationship is on the mend as a spinoff of the recent visit to... Published 19 Jul, 2011 12:54am

Pariahs of the world

I HAVE said it before, let me scream it again: ‘Not in my name’, your shenanigans, sirs! I aim my angry shout at... Published 11 Jul, 2011 08:07pm

Two great conferences

I WRITE this from St Louis, Missouri, where I am attending the yearly conclave of Pakistani-American medical doctors... Published 04 Jul, 2011 08:31pm

Watch it sirs, benchmarks ahoy!

I WRITE this from New York where I am staying with my buddy Masood Haider whose reports you read in this newspaper ... Published 20 Jun, 2011 07:43pm

Exploded myths, tattered narratives

I WILL regret to my dying day watching the video clip of the unarmed young man shot by our brave Sindh Rangers in... Published 13 Jun, 2011 07:48pm

Leave no stone unturned

SO then, the ISI has a media management wing, under the command of no less than a rear admiral ably assisted by a... Published 06 Jun, 2011 08:11pm

More water off a duck’s back

I HAD said a few weeks ago that after the Great Abbottabad Fiasco, every day will bring more twaddle from a... Published 30 May, 2011 08:22pm

Hard questions

LAST Sunday, my son and I went to the Windsor Castle Royal Military Tattoo, bringing to a close the Royal Horse ... Published 23 May, 2011 07:52pm

The truth is out

BUT the denial goes on to confound the hapless people of this hapless country, in the hope that in all the noise and... Published 16 May, 2011 08:23pm

Clean bowled

“BY golly some of our great anchors are something to behold after the springing of Master Raymond Davis from jail …... Published 09 May, 2011 07:49pm

Truth will out

SO then, Osama bin Laden has been killed by American Navy Seals in Abbottabad Cantonment, Pakistan, in an operation... Published 03 May, 2011 12:54am

Thoughts of us, of home

EVERY single time I have travelled in the West I have noticed that immigrants from Asia and the Middle East,... Published 26 Apr, 2011 12:42am

We must exorcise our devils

I WRITE this one day before Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, elected prime minister of this luckless country, was murdered 32... Published 04 Apr, 2011 10:30pm

Highs and lows

WHAT pure, heart-lifting joy seeing our cricketers win their way to the semi-finals in their quintessential way and... Published 28 Mar, 2011 08:03pm

Our livid anchors

BY golly some of our great anchors are something to behold after the springing of Master Raymond Davis from jail and... Published 21 Mar, 2011 08:19pm