Cyril Almeida


There is right now a battle being waged for the soul of the Supreme Court. Updated Sep 22, 2019 09:30am

The regime

Imran has landed himself in an awkward and potentially perilous situation. Published Sep 15, 2019 07:08am

The emperor’s new clothes

As we prepare for the arrival of the next emperor, is there a child in this luckless land of ours to tell us the truth? Updated Jan 13, 2019 10:52am

Fewer places to hide

Listen carefully as the fuel and energy crisis suddenly spiked this week and you can hear a slight change in the Published Jan 06, 2019 06:32am

Consolidation or crash?

If the system is still at war with Nawaz and Zardari, it may not have the bandwidth to take on Imran too. Updated Dec 30, 2018 12:06pm

Here we go again

Democracy 2018: forget the quality or the substance, just be grateful you’ve got some semblance of it. Updated Dec 23, 2018 11:55am

A durable experiment?

If the big-picture politics stuff is familiar, there’s one big difference this time round: the court. Updated Dec 16, 2018 12:40pm

The Afghanisation of politics

As the government stumbles from crisis to crisis it’s increasingly hard to figure out what this was and is all about. Updated Dec 09, 2018 07:45am

The road to nowhere

Another historic fiasco is in the making with the IK-Asad Umar combo as PM and FM. Published Dec 02, 2018 07:01am

Incentives to govern

The tyranny of numbers quickly asserted itself and then it didn’t matter what Imran thought before. Updated Nov 25, 2018 07:31am

Ninety days

PTI turned the political volume to maximum for several years and are struggling to turn it down to a reasonable level. Updated Nov 18, 2018 07:26am

Back to comedy

The big question, seemingly: will it stick? But if it won’t stick, then what’s the point in doing all of this? Published Nov 11, 2018 07:03am

The third phase

The extremist in the ascendant is also linked to what’s happened to the country. Updated Nov 05, 2018 12:56pm

A dangerous path

What thrills the PTI base doesn’t mean it works on the national stage. Updated Oct 29, 2018 03:06pm

Storm clouds

The next nine months will not be pretty for the PTI fiscally. Which could trigger Imran to do something reckless to Published Sep 23, 2018 06:40am

Why this way?

It is fairly obvious: the same methods used to shout down and drown out an opponent can be redirected and used to Published Sep 16, 2018 06:35am

Two disconnects

Governance is already off-track because Imran has been gallivanting around making wild promises, ruling through optics. Updated Sep 09, 2018 03:17pm

PM or change?

Even in an age of pretence, Imran will only be able to hide so long that he wants to be PM more than he wants to fix Published Sep 02, 2018 06:57am

Soft and squishy?

Imran is a populist with actual popular appeal. Published Aug 26, 2018 07:39am

Imran time is here

There’s more good news for Imran. He’s got quite a good opening stretch to look forward to in the kind of stuff... Published Aug 19, 2018 07:20am