Daniel De Luce

US airship plan loses altitude

WASHINGTON: The US military has invested billions in blimp-like aircraft to track militants planting roadside bombs... Published 27 Oct, 2013 07:09am

US spy chief warns of cyber danger, N. Korea threat

WASHINGTON: US spy chief James Clapper on Tuesday warned that America faced a growing threat of a crippling cyber attack and voiced alarm over North Korea’s recent “belligerent” rhetoric. Published 13 Mar, 2013 03:56am

The next wave in US robotic war: drones on their own

WASHINGTON: The US military’s current fleet of drones will soon be overtaken by a new wave of robots that will be faster, stealthier and smarter — operating virtually without human intervention, experts say. Published 29 Sep, 2012 03:09am

US tilt to Asia not aimed against China: Panetta

Leon Panetta sought to reassure Beijing on Wednesday over Washington's strategic tilt to the Pacific, telling a military audience it was not an attempt to curb Chinese power. Published 20 Sep, 2012 01:00am

What the US knew about Al Qaeda plot

WASHINGTON US spy agencies in recent months picked up clues pointing to an Al Qaeda attack out of Yemen and were... Published 11 Jan, 2010 12:00am

Iranians blame Britons for all ills

TEHRAN: Before moving to London to start a new job, my Iranian friend visited his dentist, who he has known since he... Published 04 Nov, 2003 12:00am

No end to Iran’s nuclear crisis

TEHRAN: Britain, France and Germany have made an unsuccessful attempt to encourage Iran to comply with the... Published 21 Sep, 2003 12:00am