Mohiuddin Aazim

All in the name of Covid-19

Penetrating deeper into export markets seems too difficult as our own country is facing a nationwide lockdown Published Mar 30, 2020 07:12am

It’s a tough time for all

The SBP has narrowed the interest rate corridor from 1.5pc to 1pc. This means banks can now borrow from the central ... Published Mar 23, 2020 07:08am

Economy now needs monetary easing

Fiscal authorities argue that the continuation of a tight policy is not helping industries grow fast... Published Mar 09, 2020 07:08am

Headaches of debt management

The government’s reliance on the central bank for generating dramatically high non-tax revenue may upset the... Published Feb 24, 2020 07:02am

Finance: Inflation is merciless

Agriculture and industry are in trouble: high inflation and an increasing cost of inputs continue to give them... Updated Jan 16, 2020 04:01am

Pitfalls of tight monetary policy

Will the SBP go for a rate cut without first verifying evidence of a declining trend in inflation at a time... Published Jan 06, 2020 07:07am