Mohiuddin Aazim

Caveats of consumer financing

Till economic growth picks up and enables net real income to rise and/or interest rates become stable for a quarter of two, we can Published 16 May, 2022 05:55am

Attracting foreign investment

Why do net FDI inflows remain below 1pc of GDP even after the launching of the multi-billion dollar CPEC is a question that merits Published 09 May, 2022 07:42am

Exports need early attention

Export earnings from China increased from $1.21bn in 2010 to $2.04bn in 2021, whereas imports shot up from a fairly large amount Published 02 May, 2022 07:10am

Remittances must command focus

Even the inflow of the $1bn tranche expected from the IMF cannot provide enough cushion to the forex reserves because of the... Published 25 Apr, 2022 07:05am

Tough times ahead

The World Bank in its latest report has also singled out Pakistan as the country offering maximum energy subsidies and termed them Published 18 Apr, 2022 07:07am
Behind the rupee’s humiliation

Behind the rupee’s humiliation

Unless export of workforce rises again to half a million a year, constantly high growth in remittances cannot be guaranteed. Updated 28 Mar, 2022 09:16am
Hasty growth in housing finance

Hasty growth in housing finance

The euphoric demand for housing finance and a liberal supply of loans remains subject to ground reality checks. Updated 21 Mar, 2022 10:29am
How balanced is banks’ lending

How balanced is banks’ lending

A more disturbing aspect of credit distribution across Pakistan is that credit flows towards rural areas remain too thin. Updated 07 Mar, 2022 10:41am

Stubborn twin deficits

We are now at a stage where after meeting debt servicing obligations financing budgets, little is left for developmental expenses. Updated 21 Feb, 2022 08:34am
Furious food inflation

Furious food inflation

What is more upsetting is that one cannot expect an immediate and significant easing of food inflation. Updated 14 Feb, 2022 07:53am

How to teach banks to behave

The recent amendments in the SBP Act mean that the govt will become increasingly reliant on banks to borrow funds. Updated 07 Feb, 2022 07:39am

Putting interest rate on hold

Aggressive 250bps rise in interest rates announced in less than a month is sure to dampen domestic demand and imported inflation. Updated 31 Jan, 2022 08:53am
Growing exchange rate challenges

Growing exchange rate challenges

Imports of petroleum products more than doubled and crossed $10bn in July-Dec 2021 from less than $5bn in July-Dec 2020. Updated 24 Jan, 2022 08:41am

Hoping for the best

2022 promises the unfolding of several exciting developments in inflation management through monetary policy. Updated 03 Jan, 2022 08:54am