A.G. Noorani

Farooq’s release

ON March 13, Dr Farooq Abdullah, former chief minister of Kashmir and also a central minister, was released from... Published Mar 21, 2020 06:33am

Poll monitor

With the ECI packed with favourites, the BJP sought one-party rule. Published Mar 14, 2020 07:19am

Broken polities

The RSS is frantically at work on a heinous project. Published Mar 07, 2020 07:10am

RSS-BJP split?

This warning to the BJP is coupled with an overture to others. Published Feb 29, 2020 07:05am

Right to assemble

The ruling will teach a lesson to the BJP. Published Feb 22, 2020 07:08am

Ambassadors alive

Politicians resent diplomats whose prophecies come true. Updated Feb 15, 2020 01:38pm

Governor vs CM

The Kerala governor was sent to make things difficult. Published Feb 01, 2020 06:45am

Police excesses

All this has been thoroughly documented by the people’s tribunal. Published Jan 25, 2020 07:05am

A split India

The cap Modi refused to don was one offered by a Muslim. Published Jan 18, 2020 06:57am

‘Bonded labour’

The policy to crush Kashmiri dissent will fall on the faces of its cynical architects. Published Jan 11, 2020 07:11am

States on the CAA

State assemblies are entitled to speak on issues of national concern. Published Jan 04, 2020 07:17am

Citizens’ inquiries

The protesting students were not armed; the police were. Published Dec 28, 2019 07:12am

Shimla & AJK

The wisest course is for both sides to resolve the dispute in earnest. Updated Dec 21, 2019 07:19am

Presidential system

Political instability can be cured only by political reforms. Published Dec 14, 2019 06:54am

Raids on press

Some safeguard for privacy must be woven into the law. Published Dec 07, 2019 07:04am

Democracy in dark

Events ran at breakneck speed lest dawn aborted the ruse. Published Nov 30, 2019 07:01am

Jailed legislators

Who is to be the judge of the misuse of parliamentary privilege? Published Nov 23, 2019 07:04am

Babri verdict

Cases are decided according to the law not faith. Published Nov 16, 2019 07:13am

Habeas carcass

Preventive detention was first introduced by the East India Company. Published Nov 09, 2019 06:03am