I.A. Rehman

Mental health anxieties

Experts agree that reports on suicides in Pakistan are not reliable. Published Oct 17, 2019 07:02am

Law for social change

Is it not time to question the adherence to a retributive system of justice? Published Oct 03, 2019 07:02am

Inverted priority for media

Nobody has bought the official plea that special courts will promote the media community’s interests. Published Sep 26, 2019 07:26am

Time for jail reform

Instead of turning jails into dungeons, the government should undertake comprehensive prison reforms. Published Sep 19, 2019 07:25am

Roots of custodial deaths

There is evidence to establish that there have been alliances between politicians and policemen to kill citizens. Published Sep 12, 2019 07:21am

No power is unfettered

The government’s sole defence was that it enjoyed the requisite power to recall the judges. Published Sep 05, 2019 07:14am

Overhaul the NAB law

Holders of public office cannot be denied due process and the right to a fair trial. Published Aug 29, 2019 07:07am

A missing link

The media and civil society organisations can strengthen the national campaign for the Kashmir cause. Published Aug 22, 2019 06:53am

Revolt against tyranny

The world has taken little notice of the near-total blackout of news from Kashmir. Updated Aug 15, 2019 08:05am

Beyond Modi’s foul stroke

Pakistan must not allow Modi’s excesses to divert it from its goal of eventually achieving peace in South Asia. Updated Aug 08, 2019 08:10am

Focus on justice for all

The failure to report progress on SDG 16 implies a bid to hide a poor record and shying away from reality. Published Aug 01, 2019 07:17am

Tunisia’s path to glory

While reviewing and revising political and religious mores, Tunisia continues to pay due respect to history. Published Jul 25, 2019 06:56am

Proper drafting of laws

There is much to be said in favour of regular interaction between the legislative drafters and legislators. Published Jul 18, 2019 06:55am

Jirga space slashed

One hopes that KP will deliver on its commitment to ensure there are functioning courts of law in erstwhile Fata. Published Jul 11, 2019 06:51am

Hope for the disappeared?

Even as some of the missing return home, the question of impunity remains unaddressed. Published Jul 04, 2019 07:31am

Dealing with child abuse

The seriousness of the matter demands that the government take whatever help it can from CSOs. Published Jun 27, 2019 07:09am

Major issues, poor response

The NCHR was created after years of public clamour, but it was a reluctantly delivered child. Updated Jun 20, 2019 09:45am

Resistance to fascism

Fascistic methods have been used to crush democratic opposition through violence and authoritarian laws. Published Jun 13, 2019 07:34am

India’s hardest fall

Modi’s BJP has committed the capital offence of vulgarising representative governance. Updated May 31, 2019 08:34pm