Najmuddin A. Shaikh

Afghanistan: What lies ahead?

Afghanistan: What lies ahead?

Despite an improved scenario, will an intra-Afghan dialogue commence with a ceasefire and be concluded within 100 days?

Updated Mar 16, 2020 07:49am
Analysing the pact

Analysing the pact

The split in Kabul permits for no united front.

Updated Mar 09, 2020 08:09am
Our Afghan policy

Our Afghan policy

Pakistan must prepare for the uncertainty that will follow US troop withdrawal.

Published Jan 30, 2020 06:53am
Trump’s Middle East plan

Trump’s Middle East plan

What will be the costs as America continues to tighten the noose around Iran’s neck?

Updated Apr 27, 2019 07:07am
Pak-India stand-off

Pak-India stand-off

We can retaliate in kind but keep it confined to a verbal battle.

Updated Apr 09, 2019 11:11am
Pulwama: verify the facts

Pulwama: verify the facts

Both Pakistan and India know that a reasoned approach is needed for economic development and stability in the region.

Updated Mar 07, 2019 10:29am
Whither reconciliation?

Whither reconciliation?

If there is no Afghan reconciliation, the greatest impact will be felt by Pakistan.

Published Feb 07, 2019 06:42am
Ties with US and Afghanistan

Ties with US and Afghanistan

Independent of what the Americans want, do we derive any advantage from hosting the Afghan Taliban ...

Published Aug 06, 2018 06:58am

One of a kind

For Sahibzada, diplomacy was the first line of defence.

Published Jan 31, 2016 06:48am

Ominous clouds

WHILE the world remains preoccupied with Syria, I want to devote this column, which appears on the 12th anniversary...

Published Sep 11, 2013 07:02am

Limitations of power

ON Saturday, President Obama declared, “I have decided that the United States should take military action against...

Updated Sep 04, 2013 07:41am

The Karzai visit

SECTIONS of the Western media had been reporting that even though formally suspended talks on the US-Afghan ...

Published Aug 28, 2013 07:54am

The internal crisis

THE annual survey of ‘failed states’ covering 2012 has just appeared in Foreign Policy. Using data on elements...

Updated Aug 21, 2013 07:58am

The sectarian war

IN my last column on the Syrian situation I had promised to write on the impact that sectarian strife in that ...

Published Aug 14, 2013 09:05am

The Kerry visit

THE oft-postponed visit by Secretary John Kerry had been eagerly awaited in Islamabad.

According to the ...

Published Aug 07, 2013 07:50am

Fallout of Syrian conflict

IS there some hope to be entertained that the tragedy in Syria will be brought to an end either by the efforts of ...

Updated Jul 31, 2013 06:56am

Hardly a new chapter

IF Mr Sartaj Aziz visited Afghanistan to convince Hamid Karzai of Pakistan’s sincere desire to improve relations...

Published Jul 24, 2013 06:48am

Uncertainty prevails

PREDICTABLY, an article in the New York Times stating that President Barack Obama was now seriously considering the...

Published Jul 17, 2013 07:44am