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THIS is apropos Mr Zakerya Kazmi’s and Mr Azfar’s letters (April 14). I am aghast at their views. Kazmi mentioned that Musharraf did not abrogate the constitution; he imposed emergency like Indira Gandhi did.

May I remind him that emergency was imposed by Mrs. Gandhi after fierce countrywide opposition protests for her resignation after Ahmedabad High Court declared her win as null and void on the basis of electoral malpractices and use of state machinery.

One can’t draw similarities between the two emergencies. Musharraf himself admitted that he abrogated the constitution and the Supreme Court made a judgement too.

Mr Azfar said proper procedure was not adopted for removal of the then COAS Gen. Pervez Musharaf while in air travelling back to Pakistan with Mrs. Sehba Musharraf from Sri Lanka.

May I request him to quote any procedural error which states that COAS can’t be removed by the prime minister while he is in air or abroad?


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Hakeem Apr 24, 2013 11:34am
LOL, indeed constitution where the jageerdar are all powerful shouldn't be broken lol. Abraham Lincoln did suspend the US constitution because it was biased and prevented him to finaliz his project. is he a dictator? LOL please stop being so naive
Akram Apr 24, 2013 02:35pm
the supporters of Musharraf seem to want to talk about the planes landing, but they are missing the point. Does the Prime Minister have the right to dismiss the army chief? This is the central question, constitutionally there is no question he does, and he did it previously with Jehangir Karamat. It was just Musharraf (and supported by the army) who decided he didn't want to be dismissed, and staged a coup. To suggest he did not abrogate the constitution is disingenuous and absurd.
Naseer Apr 24, 2013 03:28am
Does constitution also allows willfully crashing a national airplane or diverting it to a hostile country? Even Chief Justice was a member of that bench that authorized the take over by military.
wachucha Apr 24, 2013 02:29am
This shows how much knowledge you have of the governmental procedures regarding appointment and termination of services by PM of very senior and sensitive positions. What are your views about not allowing the plane to land risking the lives of several lawful citizens. Isn't that treason?
excalibur Apr 24, 2013 07:47am
The Army takeover was on the ground while Musharraf was not on ground.As an institution, the Army reacted against the highhandedness of Nawaz who had gone to the extent of asking the plane carrying Musharraf to land in enemy territory India. Which nation and Army can tolerate that its Army Chief be handed over to their arch enemy by the Prime Minister ? That actually is treason and should be punishable to death by hanging at the gallows.
Irfan Khan Apr 25, 2013 12:11am
I agree with you Nawaz committed crime he should be in the jail instead of Gen. Musharraf.
Tausif Apr 24, 2013 11:02pm
The COAS can be removed from the services, while in the air, on the road, or underground! Have a look at the 2010 removal of General McCrystal, the US Army commander in chief in Afghanistan by Obama. Again the removal of the CIA Director Gen Patreauous ...on charges of extra marital affairs. The Generals and the Pakistan Army want to save Musharraf, but lets not forget that Musharraf justified not only overthrowing the Nawaz government but he also ruled for 9 years? Where is it written that a military general can be the President and the Army Chief at the same time? Did he move the Parliament before allowing the US to start Drone operations in Pakistan? He had put the CJ under House Arrest! His list of crime is very long! PS: Ever since Musharraf revolted against an elected government, the political government of PPP could not dare to no give extensions to the COAS and the ISI chiefs! Zardari and Gillani could not even make Kayani and Pasha retire!
Shaky Apr 24, 2013 10:39pm
Also please note that COAS hold all the secrets and palns of our nuclear facilities and military deployments etc and Mr Nawaz wants to divert the plane to India with Pakistani citizens on board..............People of pakistan if you have one brain cell between you then wake up please as NS should be tried for treason not a great leader who made Pakistan progress and had plans. ISb must be only capital in the world with power cuts................ Military all the way for me look at china.