The Generation of clothes

With seven stores countrywide, Generation is a household name when it comes to women’s fashion in Pakistan. Playing true to its name, Generation strives to serve one generation of women after another, with sincerity. Unlike other garments which underwent mass-production, its clothes are dyed, screen-printed and embroidered by hand. Here’s a look at the design process in Generation’s factory on Ferozepur Road in Lahore. -Text and photos by  Nushmia Khan

Nushmia Khan is a video and photojournalist based out of Chicago. You may view her portfolio at

Nosheen Khan and her husband Saad Rahman founded Generation in 1983. The company began by selling wholesale clothing to boutiques, after which they opened their own stores. The two are now founding the Lahore Maktab, a school which has been built right next to Generation's factory and headquarter.

A factory worker dyes a set of shalwar pants magenta.

A designer prepares to discuss a set of patterns and colours for an upcoming line.

A group of young designers and interns break for lunch time.

Kameez shirts laid out to dry after being dyed.

A factory worker screen-printing the fabrics on the roof of Generation's factory.

A view of all the clothes that are being dried after dying and washing.

Inside the factory, women work to stitch elastic waistband into all of the shalwars.

A factory worker hand stitches a gold lattice pattern onto a shirt.

Another worker embroiders a turquoise design onto a suit.

A separate building which contains a mosque and a cafeteria area.

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Jan 12, 2013 09:38am
Now that is child labor !
Jan 12, 2013 05:59pm
bt generation is no more a brand for became really expensive and out of range