Exam’s result

Here is good news for you, And a bad news too, The result is coming soon!

The date will be decided at noon, I hope we’ll get good result, No one will have to bear insult!

Everyone has the desire to pass their exams, And get the first position in class, While everything is secondary, Education is compulsory!

Mahnoor Murtaza, 12 years, Karachi


Snow is falling, snow is falling, Summer has gone, Winter has arrived, My mother bought warm clothes For winter; I play with snowballs, I make mountains of snow, I make a beautiful igloo, Snow is falling, snow is falling, Summer has gone, Winter has arrived.

M. Daim Akhtar, 10 years, Karachi

My dog

I have a dog, His name is Tog, He likes to jog, And gets lost in the fog, His colour is white, And mischievous kids are Scared of his bite!

My dog likes to eat meat, To my friends, He always greets, My dog accompanies me On the way to the gym; Unfortunately, I can’t take him To the pool, where I swim!

My dog is cool, He sometimes makes me a fool!

Veengus Rajper, 10 years, Hyderabad

My father

My father is so sweet, He is caring and cute, He loves me a lot, He advises me not to go out When it’s hot!

He always sleeps on a cot, He has gifted me a nice suit, My father is a math teacher, He does not believe in myths, My dad has a wonderful personality, He hates cruelty, He is humane and loving, He is an advocate of energy saving, My father is so sweet, I love my father!

Dil Mahesar, 11 years, Darbello 

My house

My house has red walls, And three big halls, The lawn has green trees, Very tall!

My house is located Near a beautiful shopping mall!

My house has a swimming pool, There is an AC in my room, That keeps me cool!

Umesh Kumar, 10 years, Karachi


Oh Allah, the Merciful!

The Beneficent!

Bless my teacher with, A life full of happiness, Free from worries, full of love, Free from hatred, full of peace, Free from tension, A life with sound health, Free from discomfort, Full of smiles, Free from tears of sorrow, Oh Lord!

Protect her from hunger, But bless her when she fasts, And remains hungry for you!

Bless her with honour, Wherever she goes, Oh God!

Bless her with the opportunities, To seek your guidance.

Oh Lord!

Whenever she prays with all her heart, Answer her prayers,

And bless her with a contented life!

Oh Almighty!

Bless her with friends who are Sincere and caring, Kind and trustworthy, Protect her from, Those who deceive, Those who are jealous, Shower your everlasting, Blessings, bounties and grace, Upon my teacher.

May my prayers be answered!

May she be blessed!

Eesha Tir Raaziah, 14 years, Lahore


I go to school, It is very cool, I study there, Once on the way to school, I saw a mare, I study in class eight, I like to participate in debates, These days, I don’t have much time, Because exams are on my mind!

With my schoolmates, I have so much fun, In the school’s playground, We walk and run!

I go back home after school time, My mother serves me with delicious food At lunch time!

M. Ahsan, 12 years, Karachi

My country

Oh my country, oh my place, I just want for you, grace!

You are the one in the world, With pretty flowers, beautiful birds; The lake, the river, Everywhere, we can see The beauty of nature!

I’ll love you always, Oh my country, oh my place.

Samra Noman, 12 years, Karachi

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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How much do you know about Indian Elections?
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