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Dr Qadri’s ultimatum


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DECEMBER 23 was hammered in the minds of the people through different ways: posters, hoardings, electronic and print media. In short, his address on Dec 23 was publicised in every conceivable manner.

It had a unique slogan: ‘Siasat nahin, riasat bachao’. A couple of interviews on TV also gave glimpses of what he was going to talk in the public address at Iqbal Park under Minar-i-Pakistan. His publicity campaign was so vigorous that everyone noticed the huge expenditure on it and thought of its possible source.

On the D-Day one could see scores of cars, vans, buses, trucks and trolleys making a beeline towards the sprawling lawns of the Iqbal Park where a huge stage was set with a bulletproof rostrum.

In fact, some groups had arrived a night earlier and spent the ice-cold night in the arena. The entire area of the Iqbal Park was filled to its capacity by the people who came from all over the country and one could see a human sea all around.

His address was well-prepared and he was very eloquent in the delivery. He has a great following in his own sect of religion and he has enough practice in public speaking.

He talked nothing knew which was not known to intelligentsia. He talked of various clauses of the Constitution which are not being implemented either by the government or by the Election Commission.

He talked of corruption by the rulers which is already known to the public through media. He talked of basic needs of the common man which are not being provided by the government. All these things have been election-winning points by the potential candidates of the opposition parties in their election campaigns.

Now the most important point of his address is his deadline given to the rulers, i.e., Jan 10, failing which he would muster the support of four million people to reach Islamabad.

He said that gathering would be his parliament of people. But he did not give his plans what he would do with that parliament. Is he thinking of a replay of Imam Khomeini who returned from France after a long absence and was able to remove Emperor Reza Shah Pehlavi and brought a great revolution in his country?

The only difference is that Imam Khomeini was respected by all sects of Iran, while Dr Tahirul Qadri is a controversial religious leader. There is a video where his followers are bowing before him and kissing his feet and hands which is not allowed in Islam. It is considered ‘shirk’.

Anyway, what he talked in his address was well-received by the people and the intelligentsia equally. We also wish that the government mends its ways and ensures good governance by Jan 10 and the ECP takes cognisance of his points to avoid any possible law and order situation which is already at its lowest ebb.


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khalidmurad1 Jan 03, 2013 07:06pm
His aim is to break this musical chair of "Misaq-e-Jamhuriat". May Allah help him.
Rehan Ahsan Jan 03, 2013 05:09pm
In my view as a Pakistani, Dr Qadri is very clear on his Agenda to save Pakistan from corrupt practices prevailing from decades. As per my observations and understanding while delivering his speech on 23 December, he focused on the supremacy of Law and its Application in Electoral Process specially. In my view one might perceive from his slogan "Siasat Nahi Riasat Bachao" that he is against politics but if you deeply observe his speech contents you have clear reasons to believe that Dr Qadri not against Democracy but indeed he is a strong believer of Democracy, The type of "Siasat" which he is against is the politics of corruption,monopoly,bargaining,leg pulling,self interest. These all elements does not cater the interests of Public at large and are hurdles in the way of providing welfare to people of Pakistan so that kind of so called Democracy is not acceptable to Dr Tahir ul Qadri. Rational observers are an eye witness of this democratically elected Government that the Govt of Pakistan and its allies have totally failed to deliver to Pakistan either on Law and order, the provision of basic necessities or the economic well being.People as well as govt was seen helpless on Drone Attacks which are a clear mark on the Sovereignty of Pakistan,as well as Govt has not made any Foreign policy on war and terror.Having seen all of these a common man is just fed up by this so called democracy which has deprived of people rights.So people are looking for "Maseeha" who came and save Pakistan and the people of Pakistan.The Millions people gathering at Minar e Pakistan was the sign of peoples anger and disagreement with the Govt policies and bad governance. Further Dr Tahir ul Qadri has given an ultimatum to the Govt to make an Interim setup with the consultation of all the stakeholders of state as well with Judiciary and Armed Forces so that such an interim Govt which can cater the interests of all stakeholders of the states rather than just two political parties.Failing to make such an interim setup Dr Tahir ul Qadri has given an ultimatum of Million-Man March towards Islamabad which he think is their Democratic and legal right. The agenda of Million-Man March has been kept secret but glimpses are that he will not leave Islamabad till the Govt accepts their Reforms.
waqas Jan 03, 2013 04:37pm
Absurd writer. Khomeini wasn?t accepted by all sects, because Iran only has one sect: Shias! So there?s no issue there. Moreover you are making a premature judgement. You haven?t even seen the result yet which will come on the 14th. The agenda is simple clean up the electoral process before elections take place. Not a very great demand. ir can be done if there is will power. He isnt asking to take over Pakistan.