01 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 5, 1435

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LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Monday termed the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) decision to not tour Pakistan for a short series in January as ‘inappropriate’ and said there is no justification for not fulfilling the commitment made earlier.

A detailed press release, issued by the PCB following BCB chief Nazmul Hassan’s statement regarding his team not going ahead with the proposed three-day tour of Pakistan over security grounds, said: “The PCB terms the security reasons cited by Bangladesh for not touring Pakistan in January as “inappropriate”.

“Although no official intimation has so far been received by the PCB from the BCB regarding this, and the decision to tour Pakistan is the sole prerogative of the BCB, it is inappropriate to cite security situation in Pakistan as the main reason behind this decision.

“A lot of cricket-related activity in which many international players have participated was recently held in Karachi and Rawalpindi quite successfully and without any security issue whatsoever which in itself reflects that the atmosphere in Pakistan is congenial for any international team to visit the country,” the release said.

“Moreover, a team of BCB and Bangladesh government who had jointly visited Pakistan to ascertain the security situation went back fully satisfied on the subject. Now it would only be proper for the new BCB president to read the report submitted by that team or visit Pakistan before making any such comments on Pakistan’s current situation.”

On the subject of the PCB releasing the players for Bangladesh league, the spokesman said: “Even earlier the BCB had agreed to tour Pakistan but they were stopped by the Dhaka High Court which is the first ever incident in the history of the sport where a court intervened in the decision taken by two boards.

“And yet, the PCB not only released its players for the BPL but also supported the nomination of then BCB President Mr Mustafa Kamal for the position of the vice-president of the ICC.

“It was because the PCB made a commitment and wherever a commitment is made, we honour it.

“Now for the 2013 edition of BPL, we have to see the commitments and engagements of our players before releasing them for the tournament. However, to associate the release of our players with Bangladesh tour to Pakistan does not hold any merit,” he concluded.

It may be mentioned that the PCB had already written a letter to the BCB, warning it about the possible absence of Pakistani cricketers from the BPL this season in case Bangladesh fails to fulfil its commitment of touring Pakistan.

However, it is felt that since a good number of Pakistan cricketers are set to compete in the lucrative BPL, they might put pressure on the PCB to release them for the league.

Reliable sources told Dawn that some national cricketers are trying to convince the PCB to release them for the league since it is their bread and butter.

“But the PCB wants the cricketers to announce their dissociation from the BPL by themselves,” said one of the sources.

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Comments (28) (Closed)

Samir Al Haque
Jan 02, 2013 05:02am
It is game. there have no politics. But when there is safety region, why any them take the risk? Every day there have at least one bomb blast in Pakistan, So first of all PK should secured their state and, then, they can invite foreign teams to visit Pakistan. We respect the PK team, and I think this tour is very impotent for the Bangladeshi team, but why should they risk their life. they are player not SOLDIER.
Jan 02, 2013 03:08am
@People-with-short-memories: Bangladesh have already helped restart cricket in Pakistan once. The NZ tour of PAK in 2002 (till date, the last tour by NZ of PAK) was cancelled midway when a powerful bomb exploded outside the hotel where the NZ team was lodged (one player, perhaps Cairns, was in the lobby at the moment of the explosion and recalled the thrust felt and maybe the glass shattering). The subsequent tours by AUS and WI were moved to UAE. Then BD visited PAK in 2003 to kick off an unusually long period of continuous cricket in PAK (2003 - 2008 Asia Cup), during which SA, ENG, IND, WI and SL visited (not NZ or AUS though). Not only did BD repay PAK's support for Test status on that occasion, they put up a very competitive show (just ask Rashid Latif) and won many local hearts. President Parvez Musharraf honoured players like Bashar, Rafique and Ashraful for their performances and acknowledged the role of the team in bringing back cricket to the land. That said, it was distasteful of BCB to make a written commitment.
Jan 01, 2013 02:31pm
"Reliable sources told Dawn that some national cricketers are trying to convince the PCB to release them for the league since it is their bread and butter." It clearly indicates that Pakistani cricketers are least bothered whether any team wants to play in their country or not, the only thing which they are concerned about is playing in BPL, SLPL, or IPL............
Common Sense
Jan 03, 2013 11:35pm
PCB should not let its players to play for BPL, SIMPLE...Security is just an excuse, Which place on this earth is safe??? None...Isn't it funny? BCB's delegation can visit Pakistan without security concern but cricket team cannot because of security concern. Why no body talks about security concern when other teams visit Bangladesh? Remember World Cup 2011 when Bangladeshi fans threw stones at West Indies bus?
Jan 01, 2013 01:34pm
PCB should not release any cricketer to take part in BPL as BCB does not want a healthy relation with PCB.PCB needs to understand that and must stop supporting BCB in any of the ICC meetings.Why can't BCB go to BCCI and ask for Indian players to be allowed to take part in BPL. BCB has no courage and very well knows that they will have to come out empty hand.Without the participation of Pakistani players in BPL, BPL will be super- duper flop. And even franchises will withdraw because they do not want to gamble with their huge money in any flop event.
Jan 02, 2013 08:05am
We also feeling bad for that ......... Pakistan is very friendly ........
Jan 01, 2013 02:49pm
Bangladesh .... move forward
Jan 01, 2013 03:40pm
Read the book " Dead Reckoning" by Miss Bhose from your beloved India and you will have some sense of history.
Jan 01, 2013 03:38pm
PCB should not waste time in inviting BANGLADESH. What good it can serve for the domestic cricket. In the mean while we must concentrate on international cricket. Lets acknowledge that our domestic security situation is not good, every day bomb blasts are testimony to that. Lets not try to get get some team to visit Pakistan and God forbid if something bad happens the sporting future of the country is doomed for long. Given the efficiency of our security agencies, any thing can happen. Time for prudence and once again I will request PCB to have some self respect and stop pleading Bangladesh or any other country.
Jan 01, 2013 05:22pm
Current security situation is so pathetic in Pakistan that I really have to question mindset of PCB. Even as a Pakistani I will be stressed out if foreign teams visiting Pakistan especially in light of suicide attacks. PCB and government should take a practical approach and try to schedule all the Pakistan cricket overseas and forget about hosting games in Pakistan for at least couple of years. Once the security situation improve I am sure all is taken care smoothly and PCB don't have to beg below average teams. Finally I will request PCB show some respect for yourself and Pakistani cricket fans.
Jan 01, 2013 07:11pm
Hahahahaha!!! what a threat Paki players withdrawing from BPL....Beggars can never be choosers
Jan 01, 2013 07:00pm
BCB has taken good decision.But i ll request BCB to play cricket in Pakistan when security is confirmed.
Jan 01, 2013 09:52am
Get REAL, watch the world around and stop blaming others for the your misfortune --- then you'll understand what a wise decision has been made by BCB for the goodness of both country's cricket. Give thanks to BCB as at least they have expressed their wish to play in Pakistan whereas other countries even don't dream that.
Jan 01, 2013 05:50pm
I dont agree with you that many cricketers wants to play BPL, first pay their last year dues than decide.
Jan 01, 2013 06:30pm
What is inappropriate is the security situation in Pakistan. PCB's insistence that it is safe for foreign teams to visit Pakistan, where even Pakistani's are not safe, is clearly ludicrous. Safety should always come first.
Jan 01, 2013 05:46pm
Very racist
Jan 01, 2013 05:49pm
Without Pakistani player BPL will bea major fail tournament. No Indian, no Pakistani, no Australian who else. Bangalis are showing their attitude for no reason. They can simple say that sorry situation is no good that's it.
Jan 01, 2013 06:18pm
Come on!! Even Pakistan cricket players are not safe in Pakistan and will choose to opt "not" playing in the country. How can you expect other teams to come in? Time to clean up your country guys. Takes time but start doing it....
Jan 01, 2013 05:18pm
Too much politics attached to Bangladesh cricket team's visit to Pakistan.It is clear that the present Bangladesh government is anti Pakistan...Pakistan should leave them alone and play with other teams,as far as our players going to play the BPL,we should not stop them, we should not become part of this politics.Our Bangladesh friends should know that there are many Pakistanis who like them...Let us leave them alone for the time being and let them think for a while after some time they will come,which is good for Bangladesh also.
Jan 01, 2013 10:03am
Its silly for Pakistan to expect foreign teams to play in the country when there is mayhem on a daily basis.
Jan 01, 2013 07:14pm
There are bomb blasts happening everyday and they expect foreign teams to visit? A Pakistani
Mujibur Rehman
Jan 01, 2013 11:06am
First Pakistan should apologize for the war crimes then only Bangladesh will visit Pakistan and play cricket.
Jan 01, 2013 10:44am
Cricket is not played using commitments,commitments can be created and broken.Situation changes and hence commitments change.At one point when the commitment was made the security situation was OK but now it is worst.
Jan 01, 2013 04:27pm
Agree. Last year I took a brief vacation in Pakistan- my own country. There were a thousand warnings and advices from friends on hownto make the trip and return safely back. It is very very sad
Jan 01, 2013 10:00am
I think its a very good decision made by BCB. PK should improve their environment. As per I know last month one of the minister was died by bombing as he was highly secured by Govt. so it is requested to PK dont blame to others and have look on yourself. it is not a matter of commitment. Life security is main. BCB dont bother what ever PK is attending in BPL or not. Lots of player wants to play BPL from different contries.
Jan 02, 2013 09:14am
Actually I am happy about BCB's decision. It is appalling to see PCB and many other Pakistanis asking foreign teams to visit Pakistan when we very well know the security situation in our country. If we cannot protect one government minister, how can we protect anybody else. A cricket team would anyway be a very juicy target for the talibans. Let us get our house in order first and concentrate on what is more important rather than inviting cricket teams to Pakistan. I am sure PPP wants to do this just to move the minds away from the dirty politics and corruption they are playing up in the country.
Jan 01, 2013 11:20am
Why do they persist on inviting Bangladesh? Clearly the current Dhaka regime is anti Pakistan and no amount of grovelling will change their stance. Cancel the tour and move on.
Jan 01, 2013 03:16pm
I am not prejudiced by any means, but, Why don't BD apologise for committing treason and supporting india and allowing the state to dismantle ? No matter what wrong was committed by then governments.... Was there no right mind in BD that opposed the breaking of the nation ?? You cannot clap with one hand ! Some people are just posting shameless comments here, you do not realise how much PCB has done to get cricket THIS FAR in your country and at international level.