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A CNG tank refill is matter of hours

LAHORE, Dec 30: Motorists thronged CNG filling stations early on Sunday as supplies were resumed after a six-day closure.

Though up to 70 per cent of the stations remained closed citing low gas pressure and price settlement issues, the stations supplying gas witnessed long queues of vehicles. The motorists kept moving their vehicles inch by inch in queues.

“The government is forcing us to avoid CNG through cutting off gas supplies to stations,” Aqeel, a van driver, said. He said he had to spend hours to get his vehicle filled at a CNG station on Wahdat Road. Aqeel provides pick-and-drop to schoolchildren.  Punjab CNG Association President Shujah Ahmad confirmed the closure of 70pc of CNG stations in Lahore. “Low gas pressure and price settlement issues forced a majority of stations to close business on Sunday,” he said. — Staff Reporter

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