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CNG: misery caused by indecision


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THE problem of CNG is getting complicated with every passing day and at the moment no immediate solution is in sight. Governments around the globe make plans on a long-term basis. Unfortunately in Pakistan we do short-term planning. Every government is concerned about the impact a decision has on its regime and not on the country in the long run.

The CNG sector is one of its prime examples. The previous regime and also the current government in the early part of its tenure allowed this sector to flourish without realising that the country’s gas reserves are depleting fast and the country will face a serious gas crisis if usage of CNG  for vehicles continues.

The current government tries to halt the progress of the CNG sector and tries to transfer the available gas to other sectors. Price hike is the strategy the current government used to discourage CNG usage in vehicles, but this strategy did not materialise as people continue to use this fuel in their vehicles.

Nearly all public transport has shifted to CNG .The sector now faces two major issues: one, due to depleting reserves of gas its availability is a problem while CNG stations are facing two to three days of closure in a week to overcome the shortage. Secondly, substandard gas cylinders fitted in the public transport are also a grave issue. Already many cylinders used in buses and wagons have exploded in different parts of the country.

The Supreme Court tried to address the issues which have now become more complex after a huge reduction was made in CNG prices in October.

I request the government and the Supreme Court to settle this issue soon so that people can be saved from the misery of waiting in long queues. Standing in long queues is not  only a waste of valuable time but it is risky also. Already in  some parts of Karachi people waiting at gas stations for their  turn were looted by miscreants.

Recently the SSGC also changed the time of weekly closure to 12 midnight instead of 9am. Keeping Karachi’s law and order situation in mind, the late-night closure is not feasible and my advice to the gas company is that they revert to 9am closure.

I also humbly appeal to the Supreme Court to hear the case of CNG pricing on a daily basis and give their decision soon, in order to solve this issue permanently, as this matter is directly related to the survival of the common man in this city.


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Sam Dec 19, 2012 08:13am
Karachi have no CNG problems.Karachi is generating domestic and industrial electricity using gas
shabbir kazmi Dec 19, 2012 12:58pm
Are you calling from haven, look at the queues at CNG stations on the days they open
Hassan Naeem Dec 19, 2012 05:33pm
It appears that Govt has no policy to implement or does not want to resolve common man's problems. Why the price issue cant be resolved within days, why the Supreme Court has to take notice of such things that are to be handled by the Govt. Lack of will and perhaps personal interests govern our policies. CNG rather natural gas is being wasted by all of us. Atleast the CNG kits installed in luxury vehicles need to be removed first and safety measures are to be implemented as far as public transport is concerned.
Cyrus Howell Dec 19, 2012 03:50pm
From logic the term "decision by indecision" is applicable here. In the military, government and even the large corporations exist the cry of the bureaucrat... "I went by the book. This was not my fault." Pity the petty bureaucrats in the gas industry. They haven't a book to go by. Their necks are on the block. Just what they had hoped to avoid all their working lives.