Logic behind introducing LNG

Published Dec 16, 2012 12:07am

THE country is facing a crisis of energy and the CNG crisis is the worst. The adviser to the prime minister for petroleum, Dr Asim Hussain, is bent on closing the CNG sector without realising that over Rs100 billion is invested in this sector and more than 30,000 people are earning their livelihood through this industry.

Every now and then he announces that the CNG sector will be closed down in phases. What we are observing is that it is not the CNG sector but the people ho are being killed in phases as they are being slow-poisoned and being victimised for a crime which they have not committed.

Initially, it was the policy of successive government to promote CNG as an alternative fuel because it was safe, environment-friendly and cheap to help minimise the foreign exchange required for the import of oil.

If there are one million CNG users in the country and every single users wasting an hour to get his vehicle CNG cylinder filled, then on average one million hours of this nation are wasted the day CNG is closed.

Do you know what one million hours mean? It comes around 115 years of precious time this poor nation is wasting by waiting in the queue for getting their CNG cylinders filled.

If at all it is necessary to wipe out the CNG sector, the adviser should do it at once instead of killing the people by giving them so much mental and physical torture.

It is perceived that at the moment there is no dearth of CNG in the country and it will be cruel to make ground for the import of LNG.

Also, why cannot LNG be used as an alternative source of energy without disturbing the present CNG sector which is providing relief to the people?

The government should raise this issue in the parliament and find an amicable solution to this problem?


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Comments (2) (Closed)

Dec 16, 2012 05:58pm
All bout LNG: and its very simple Natural gas is a major source of energy, but many towns and cities that need the energy are located far from the gas fields. Transporting gas by pipeline can be costly and impractical. We create LNG by cooling the gas to a liquid at around -160ºC, which we can then ship out, safely and efficiently. LNG is a clear, colourless, non-toxic liquid that can be transported and stored more easily than natural gas because it occupies up to 600 times less space. When LNG reaches its destination, it is returned to a gas at regasification facilities. It is then piped to homes, businesses and industries. Shell
Nisha Rai
Dec 16, 2012 06:26pm
You are mistaken, The calorific value of CNG per unit volume is much lower than that of LNG. In the long run it is inefficient to rely on CNG. It seems that you have personally invested in the CNG business and are now crying for your own loss. Grow up, worry more about the country's best interests.