IHC backs house colony against NAB

Islamabad, Sept 5: Justice Noorul Haq N. Qureshi of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) here on Wednesday directed National Accountability Bureau (NAB), not to publish any advertisement that may harm the interests of ‘Gulberg’ housing scheme under the administration of intelligent bureau cooperative housing society.

The IHC judge has also directed NAB not to harass the administration of the residential scheme and submit para-wise comments.

Syed Nayab Hassan Gardezi counsel of the above said the housing scheme adopted before the court has all the necessary approvals and NOCs from Capital Development Authority (CDA) for development of the scheme.

They have gotten land for the development of the scheme and have transferred it to private people. The NAB wrote a letter to them to appear and give briefing about the housing scheme.

The counsel for the scheme, while talking to Dawn told that they adopted before the court that NAB has no jurisdiction to investigate the matter.

NAB is becoming a tool in the hands of a property tycoon and has been trying to malign the housing scheme to affect its repute.

Advocate Gardezi said that his client ‘Gulberg’ has been running its advertisement campaign through star marketing.

The NAB, a couple of days back confined a director of star marketing and pressurised him to publish an advertisement against ‘Gulberg’ to harm its repute. The director of the said marketing agency refused to do so.

The petitioner has requested to the court to stop NAB from taking any adverse action against the housing scheme.

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