CNG and petroleum prices increased

Prices of all major products except high speed diesel have been increased. -File Photo

KARACHI: The government has issued a notification to announce an increase in the price of hydrocarbons. The new prices will be implemented after 12 am tonight.

It is decided after hike in the production of both gas and petroleum products. The new price of CNG for the Sindh and Punjab region is Rupees 71.92 a kilo with increase of one rupee and twenty nine paisa.

While for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Potohar region, the price of CNG is set to sell for Rs78.65.

Prices of all major products except high speed diesel are also increased. Petroleum prices increased by Rs1 and 41 paisa, High Octane Rs5 and 64 paisa. Kerosene oil Rs1 and 94 paisa and light diesel price has been increased by Rs1 and 62 paisa.

The new prices; Petrol is Rs85.90, High Octane is Rs112.52, Kerosene oil is Rs88.19 and Light Diesel is Rs85.33.

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