Official apathy towards fire

LET me share a case of administrative apathy, coupled with the lack of social watch. A few days ago a fire caused by sparking in electricity lines engulfed a multi-story plaza located in the area of Qasimabad, Hyderabad. I reside near that plaza. Listening to cries of people I woke up. I saw that the fire has engulfed the plaza. I made calls to the inquiry office of the PTCL and asked them to give me the number of the grid station, Qasimabad.

They provided me the number: 0229 240137. I called the station. I found that there was just a noise in the lines. The call lasted just 10 seconds and ended. I tried to redial five times but met with the same fate.

I thought there might be temporary problems in the number and the line of the grid station of Qasimabad. But my assumption proved wrong when I again called the station after 15 days to inquire about continuous electricity pitfalls. I found the same situation.

This is how people suffer in the absence of the rule of law and lack of sense of duty. The authorities should take notice.


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