Pakistan People's Party Leader Nabeel Gabol - File Photo

KARACHI: National Assembly member and prominent Pakistan People’s Party leader Nabeel Gabol on Monday demanded that a judicial inquiry be carried out over the facts and circumstances behind the police operation in Lyari, DawnNews reported.

In a letter to the prime minister and the president, Gabol wrote that the judicial commission should investigate the deaths of innocent people and bring the culprits to justice.

"I personally know some of the innocent people who have lost their lives in the operation," he added.

Gabol demanded that the families of the innocent civilians, who had lost their lives in the operation, should be compensated with one million rupees while wounded civilians should be given half a million rupees.

“The Lyari operation has been ceased temporarily to facilitate the civilians; the criminal elements should not consider this as a sign of the state’s weakness,” the PPP leader said. “A strict operation against the criminal elements will soon be continued in Lyari,” he added.

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