India releases 14 Pakistani prisoners

LAHORE, June 28: India handed over on Tuesday a group of 14 Pakistani prisoners, majority of them teenagers, to Rangers at Wagah Border.

The prisoners include 10 fishermen who were caught by the Indian maritime agency for their alleged violation of territorial sea limits.

The four others were captured by Indian Border Security Force for violating border-crossing and smuggling. The prisoners served jail sentences up to five years.

Rangers officials handed over 10 prisoners to Edhi Foundation who were shifted to Gulberg Edhi Homes. The four others were handed over to their families at the border after legal formalities.

According to an Edhi spokesman, fishermen were identified as Muhammad Shah Jehan, 15, Hameed Hussain, 15, Jamal Hussain, 16, Noorul Haq, 30, Muhammad Noor, 27, Noor Alam, 16, Noor Muhammad Qasim, 21, Muhammad Irfan, 18, Muhammad Ishaq, 15, and Abdul Aziz, 10. The families of fishermen will be traced and contacted. Earlier, the prisoners were served meals by Edhi volunteers at the border.

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