WOMEN in Pakistan consist of 51 per cent of the entire population, but they do not work outside their homes. Those who want to work face many hurdles.

As society has a conventional image of women, the police are not considered a chosen profession for women as they are considered to be too sentimental and rather inactive to fulfil the requirements.

Few women opt for making it their career due to cultural inhibitions and unfriendly workplace environment, illogical working hours, lack of transportation and related facilities.

Surveys show that at present only one per cent women are part of the police department in Pakistan. The number of women in the provincial police force is about 0.38 per cent of the whole strength as compared to the UN standards which propose at least 20 per cent women police personnel in a country’s police force by 2014.

The overall percentage of women police in Pakistan is 0.89 per cent whereas it is seven per cent in India, 27 per cent in the UK, 12 per cent in the US and 1.9 per cent in Bangladesh.

These results are shocking. It is very important to find a way where we can generate new avenues of growth and empowerment for our womenfolk. The present representation of women in police should be increased.

The Gender Responsive Policing Project, a combined venture of National Police Bureau (NPB) and GIZ funded by the German foreign office are functioning with the Pakistan government in order to perk up the overall status of women in policing.

The zeal with which our women police are working will help in bringing about a positive change within the police department. The government must facilitate them properly so that they can work efficiently.


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June 5, 2013 11:32 am
Majority and women especially just think in terms of right or wrong, equality or inequality and we are always readily influenced by the West and their so called freedom and equality towards women. Why don't we think ourselves and agree that it's natural that men and women are different. Difference doesn't mean being inferior. Yes the perception & the actions dominating so far is to take women as an inferior being. But on the other hand, women go to the extreme in fighting off this suppression that they actually forget that men & women have different but equally important roles. We have to change the attitude of the majority and not try to breach the boundaries set by nature. Women in police should be to the extent as to handle women but can they perform just like men? Can they even tackle any situation on their own without any protection by the police men? They are more of liability than being useful. Women in military or para-military like the women in rangers seen in action in Karachi. I mean come on what the hell is wrong with accepting the fact that it's just the way we all are made. Everyone can't do everything. I know it's hard to accept the harsh reality. But still see what goes in US military. Check out their attitudes towards women and their scandals. Don't see the single water drop in the glass see the rest of the damn empty glass.
Agha Ata
June 4, 2013 6:25 pm
We want women to join police and all other departments as we see and learn from the rest of the world, but we are totally blind to see how those women and men have been together right from the beginning when they attended schools with CO-EDUCATION. Co-education is the KEY, otherwise forget it. If you still insist, you will have to have another police for the safety of the women working with men anywhere!
June 4, 2013 2:13 pm
Should start with police departments that deal with only women issues. After, say about 5 years if woman cop feels confident enough ,should be given training & posting in regular policing. Seeing police women helping & solving womens problems ,other women will be encouraged to join.
Riaz Ahmad
June 4, 2013 11:07 am
In view of such rampant and heinous discrimination against women, the female kind should form their own political party. With half the population based on women, they cannot lose under any circumstances.
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