Hajrah Mumtaz

Language quibbles

Students today face terrains that weren’t envisioned before. Published Jan 19, 2015 01:34am

Fade to black

The confused and conflicted mindset of the citizenry portends even more distress. Updated Dec 22, 2014 01:48pm

‘Ill-fare’ state

A thousand stories of courage, tenacity and faith go unnoticed around us every day. Updated Dec 08, 2014 05:09am

Funding the arts

The private sector should step in to promote the arts industry. Published Nov 10, 2014 01:22am

Meanwhile, out here

While the world makes progress, we seem to be fighting it. Published Oct 27, 2014 01:59am

Al Ban-istan

The ‘ban first, don’t do anything later’ mindset is ever-present. Updated Oct 13, 2014 03:53pm

Dog eat dog

What children play in a milieu of violence is hardly hope-affirming. Published Sep 29, 2014 06:14am

Rules of debate

With every clod of mud, the quality of discourse worsens. Published Sep 01, 2014 05:55am

Pakistan’s Ataturk

Pakistan is missing several of the ingredients key to revolution. Updated Aug 18, 2014 01:38am

Not a nanny state

Many families ended the festivities of Eid with funerals. Published Aug 04, 2014 05:59am

Spoiling for a fight

A sense of alienation is rife among young Muslims abroad. Published Jul 21, 2014 12:07am

Done in, again

MANY of us in Pakistan might feel from time to time that we could have been luckier in terms of the country of... Published Jul 07, 2014 01:15am

Hysteria to hyperbole

Poise in reporting can be seen as lacklustre coverage. Updated Jun 23, 2014 03:49pm

A band banned

LAST week, unobtrusively, access from Pakistan to certain Facebook pages was restricted. Those that run these pages... Updated Jun 09, 2014 11:23pm

Neglect of language

The neglect of Urdu is the loss of our young people. Published May 26, 2014 07:08am

In the name of honour

Our society seems to have a surfeit of ‘honour’. Published Apr 28, 2014 06:12am