Stories for: Hajrah Mumtaz

Unsafe in a bank

Storing valuables in a bank locker has its own hazards.

Curious contradictions

AS one often has cause to point out, one of the problems with Pakistan is not that things are uniformly bleak, but...

Telling tales

AN interesting point was raised at a literature festival recently. The panellists observed that despite the fact ...

Worrying signs

SADLY enough, one has become used to people asking for money or some other form of aid in this country. There’s no...

The ideas people

IT’S not like any of us here in Pakistan are strangers to heartbreak, but even so it was particularly saddening. ...

Criminal silence

AMONGST the many tragedies of Pakistan, one of the remarkable ones is its ability to turn into a raging controversy...

Waiting to be told

IN these days of death and darkness, one can only be grateful that there are still lots of people willing to put in...

Twitter and politicians

Politicians wouldn’t be using this platform and people wouldn’t be following them, if there were no benefits.

Warp drive

WHATEVER one’s opinion about the revelries that take place around the globe to usher in each New Year, there is no...

Punishing the people

Criminals have time and again demonstrated their ability to upgrade technologically; the state needs to follow suit.

Going by guesstimates

I MAY not be alone when I confess that I’ve had to more or less give up watching local television programming...

Imran picks up polio gauntlet

ONCE, he was known as the sportsman who put his weight behind public welfare issues. After entering politics,...

History of our times

THOSE who remember it — and there should be many — do so with unalloyed fondness. The year was 1984 and in much...

Time-waste or super-tool?

IT’S less of a debate in Pakistan, given the socio-economic realities. But in more developed parts of the world...

A matter of optics

A FRIEND is the editor of a going-to-places web-based literary magazine associated with an online workshop for South...

Naked face

FOR good reason is William Golding’s 1954 dystopian novel Lord of the Flies considered amongst the most ...

Close, but no cigar

LIKE many other matters in this country of ours, it is often the case that even where the best of intentions are...

A matter of perception

MILITARY history and tactics’ enthusiasts often refer to battle as the theatre of war, but sometimes this can cut...

Dreaming of other worlds

THEY talk about this being the age of information. Here’s something to think about: dwell on the amount of...

Urban jungle

THERE’S a traffic rules’ awareness drive under way in Karachi these days and all one can wish for the traffic...


A reign of fear

Auction mania

Two sides of one coin

New status for TTP?


Too much for too little

The name of the game

Roles reversed

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Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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