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Minister calls parliament ‘most powerful’ institution

ISLAMABAD: A day after a statement by Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif vowing the army would “resolutely preserve”...

With unease, govt agrees to MPs’ tax probe

ISLAMABAD: Despite showing some unease over a perceived attempt to belittle parliament, the treasury benches joined...

Govt forces anti-terror bill through NA

ISLAMABAD: The government bulldozed a controversial anti-terrorism bill through the National Assembly on Monday amid...

A day of ‘shame’ in National Assembly

“You should be ashamed,” shouted Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali repeatedly at a PTI member.

Govt may rely on majority for controversial bill

The bill seeks to turn a presidential ordinance into permanent law, which amends the original PPO 2013.

NA says yes to madressah reform, dithers on YouTube

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly threw on Tuesday its weight behind the government’s plans to reform madressahs,...

Govt offers to bring Musharraf’s ailing mother home

The govt ruled out lifting a travel ban on Musharraf, and instead offered to bring his mother back to Pakistan.

Opposition cries foul at blasphemy sentence

Shirin Mazari of the PTI and Shazia Marri of the PPP complained of persecution of minority communities in the country.

Opposition walks out of NA over $1.5bn Saudi ‘gift’

Unsatisfied with govt assurance that $1.5bn received from S.Arabia was without strings, the opposition walks out of NA.

$1.5bn ‘gift’ not conditional, Dar tells NA

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar told the National Assembly on Wednesday that a recent $1.5 billion ‘gift’...

Minister appeases hardliners on child marriage bill

Laws relating to religious issue should not be brought directly, without reference to the CII, said Maulana Shirani.

Furore in NA over US bar on MNA’s overflight

Nisar Ali Khan launched a bitter attack against PPP and their agreement binding the PIA to pro-US conditions.

Credibility issues hang over NA

It will be a hard task for the minister to wash what the opposition has painted as a slur on his credibility.

Bill paves way for appointment of Bhagwandas as CEC

Political rivals amended a law in the NA so they could pick a widely respected retired judge for the CEC post.

Fast-track dialogue planned, says Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Now it will be direct, fast-track peace talks with Taliban militants for which a new government committee...

NA turns into talking shop

ISLAMABAD: Two days after one of Islamabad’s worst terrorist carnage, there was some tall talk in the National...

Iran gas pipeline still a priority, NA told

The govt added that it was seeking concessions in order to make the Iran gas pipeline plan “practicable” for them.

Nisar makes only guesses on capital bloodbath

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan made guesses in an outraged National Assembly on Monday about...

Nearly all parliamentarians tax filers now, NA told

Dar made the statement that nearly 1,172 parliamentarians would appear on a special directory as tax-return filers.

Terrorism source to be hit under new security policy

ISLAMABAD: Announcing only a gist of a new national security policy in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Interior...

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Strains already

Antisocial media

Instant ‘justice’


Scope of suo motu

Another attack on the media

Army security for polio teams

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