Asha’ar Rehman

No escape for some

Just as there are many choices inside the new, ‘pluralistic’ Pakistan, there is also no dearth of objections that can be

Looking for some method

After giving competition to the PML-N as its original adversary, the PPP was back to haunt the PML-N.

Changing shades of Lahore

The run-up to the long march pulled parties of all kinds and sizes to the Punjab capital.

The substance in a protest

A more earnest discussion right from the start of what issues he had could perhaps have avoided the isolation Imran

Countdown to Aug 14

There have been disturbing reports about the possible arrests of some PTI leaders in early August to thwart the march.

People from a distant land

The figures that have accompanied the forced migration from North Waziristan have done little to clear the picture.

One democracy and a ‘monarch’

ASIF Ali Zardari is up to something after hibernating for so long and some hopefuls are willing him on towards a...

Two and two together

The two Chaudhry cousins are more at home at Allama Tahirul Qadri’s residence in Model Town these days.

Partners and accomplices

PRIME Minister Nawaz Sharif is able to maintain his old reputation — that he always has someone else to do the...

The myth about lesser workers

IN a revealing moment in some obscure corner of Lahore you might still run into the person who was once hailed as ...

The old barrier resurfaces

THE relief is short-lived. Just when a PML-N government shows signs that it has learnt some valuable lessons from ...

Two parties, two realities

LIFE at the Karachi airport isn’t quite like the calm exchanges between parliamentarians belonging to the PPP and the

When Imran is pro-system

IN normal circumstances, the contest at Pindi Bhattian would have likely caught the attention of those interested in...

Oranges and apples

No urgency is felt in power places that forever echo with Shahbazian vows of progress.

In comfort and luxury

“THE market was small and the battle was for survival not for comfort or luxury,” was the answer from an ustad, ...

Naively curious

SOME of us are constrained — by our narrow vision or because of a general lack of understanding of evolving rules...

The wait for solutions

THE PML-N government made a statement at the outset that it doesn’t believe in rushing things. It has been taking...

Late call for unity

JOURNALISM was simply endearing once upon a time. Watched from a close distance, the guerrilla journalist, equally...

Loudness and clarity

SOMETIME back in the 1990s, a visiting journalist from New Zealand climbed the stairs to a newspaper office in ...

Baby of the system

THE mystery of nine-month-old Musa Khan in Lahore ‘getting booked’ by the police provides us with yet another...