24 July, 2014 / Ramazan 25, 1435

Eid thoughts

Technology today plays such a large role in the lives of the next generation that it’s almost scary.

Tackling polio

The travel restrictions are not a ‘punishment’ for Pakistanis.

A part-time leader

As a leader, the absent Nawaz Sharif is expected to focus on the job for which he was elected.

Women watching women

This strategy of using women to discipline other women is not a new one. It has been previously employed by Saudi Arabia

Plane truths

A probe into the MH17 crash may not be conclusive.


Apathy towards the IDPs

The retired lieutenant-general warned that the operation could fail if the refugees were not taken care of properly.

Privatisation concerns

The fact that we must face here is that nobody has been able to find a way our public-sector enterprises work properly.

Acid attacks on women

The perpetrators are not difficult to gauge; after Dalbandin attack an obscure religious group claimed responsibility.

The regional challenge

Meetings between senior officials and their Afghan and American counterparts have underlined concern of Pakistan.

Karachi operation

There are differences between the federal and provincial governments over the campaign’s ownership: HRCP

Without the leaders

For many, the leadership’s personal tours abroad signify a kind of retreat

Delayed electoral reforms

The PC on Electoral Reforms will definitely meet at a time when most politicians will be interested in theatrics.


Charter of Democracy

REFERENCE ‘Charter and after’ (July 6). Raza Rabbani has called out for dealing with the danger to the spirit of...

More provinces?

THIS is in reference to the report ‘Book launch revives debate on more provinces’ (June 24). It carries the ...

Palestine bleeding again

THE Israeli bombardment has killed more than 600 Palestinians in less than two weeks. Palestine is bleeding once...

EU thanked

THE European Union granting Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) Plus status to Pakistan is a big achievement for...

Civil service: role models

THIS is apropos the article ‘A little respect’ (July 11) by Mr Tasneem Noorani. Looking askance, the writer has...

Billboards, billboards

I RETURNED to Karachi from abroad, looking forward to immerse myself in its culture, food and interaction with near...

Travelling at KKH

THIS is with reference to the letter ‘Security at KKH’ (July 20). I recently returned from Gilgit by road after ...