Message versus speech

The two dharnas in Islamabad have been a study in contrast between the speaking prowess of the two leaders Imran Khan

Falling exports

While the government must reach out to exporters it would do well to evaluate what they say about their declining


Accelerated billing

People have reported receiving higher bills the moment the new meters are installed.

Governance challenge

Serious and meaningful structural reforms are needed to put state and society on a more stable, growth-orientated path.

Food insecurity looms

The situation should prompt the state into preparing a plan that can address food security issues during emergencies.

Attacks in Quetta

Balochistan appears to be slipping back towards outright anarchy and the state seems utterly clueless and impotent.

PTI’s new dilemma

Mr Khan is now alone on Constitution Avenue, and more and more it appears that the PTI chief has miscalculated.

Measures against Ebola

Round-the-clock health staff has been appointed at all international airports to screen passengers.

Education in a shambles

Pakistan will have no future unless it invests heavily in the young.


Shaan, heal thyself

SHAAN Shahid is a pride of our film industry. His undiminishing respect and exemplary contributions to Lollywood ...

Sleep deprivation

THERE are no two opinions about the health benefits of rising early. But Ms Shaista’s mention of the West as the...

PAT sit-in ends

SOME people would say that a 70-day sit-in in Islamabad was a failure as the ‘revolution’ claimed by Dr Tahirul...

Cities: blocked arteries

A PROPER and functional mass transit system is needed in every country. Sadly, all cities in Pakistan lack this...

Violating traffic laws

ADHERENCE to the rule of law has seen a sharp decline in every sphere of life. Few people follow traffic rules and...

Causes of inflation

INFLATION is at its peak all over the world and there are different reasons for it. In the case of Pakistan, an...

Eliminating polio

TWO new cases of polio have been reported in Karachi, taking the total number of those affected by the disease to ...