The next democratic

THE National Assembly speaker has notified the Electoral Reforms Committee. It has 22 Assembly members and 11...


Some in the media strive to paint Israel as the victim.

A new Kayani moment?

Obsessed with politics, clumsy with security, it’s a horror show of quite stunning proportions.


Article 245: questions remain

Everything that flows from the invocation of Article 245 will be questionable and poisoned by illegitimacy.

Attack on Ahmadis

The latest attack on Ahmadis, in Gujranwala, came complete with the usual features.

Lunar matters

In Pakistan, celebrating Eid on different days has become an annual tradition.

Shadow of political instability

Surely, it is no longer enough for the PTI to say that it only wants change and reforms within the Constitution.

Sectarian killings

Promises have lost their purpose because nobody believes them now and because they have not been accompanied by a plan.

Cashing in on Eid

Last year, the amount printed was Rs135bn. The year before it was Rs114bn. This year the amount is more than Rs157bn

A controversial move

BY now, it has become apparent that neither is the PML-N government particularly good at explaining what it does, ...


Sindh IG’s removal

THIS is further to the letter ‘Sindh IG episode’ (July 19). The recently removed Sindh IG Iqbal Mahmood was ...

Hamas’s victory!

THANKS to peace-loving Israelis, the Zionist regime is facing stiff resistance at home. On July 26 more than 3,000...

Gaza and US

HOW can the US government criticise or condemn Russia for helping or supporting the rebels fighting in Ukraine who...

Pillion riding ban

THE authorities’ only remedy to ensure peace in Karachi is to ban pillion riding. However, this measure has not...

Music conference

There is a misconception about who founded the All-Pakistan Music Conference. My father, Rauf Ahmad Ansari and Hayat...

Postcard from Sydney

The write-up in Images ‘Postcard from Sydney’ (July 27) is beautiful. I am on a visit to Sydney these days and...

Posting trade officers

THIS is apropos the news item ‘New policy for trade officers’ posting abroad likely’ (July 13). According to...