The M word

As with everything politics, there is a good way of going about things and a bad way.

Inspiration from afar

How can one be hopeful when for many young male Malala-haters it appears but a short hop to embracing IS-type ideology?


The army’s view

Gen Sharif suggested that cohesive, dedicated and timely involvement of all stake holders is essential for peace.

Bilawal’s rally

The PPP speaks for the deprived, but it does not seem to be too concerned with ensuring that they do not remain poor.

Space for culture

The state can help by supporting such literary endeavours and protecting them from the threats posed by hardliners.

Power reshuffle

RECENT changes in the power sector, arguably one of the most crucial areas in need of major reform, have led to much...

Ebola danger

THE level of panic that has ensued in several developed countries regarding the threat of Ebola there is perhaps...

Woes of journalists

IT is a sad reflection on a country when those who are at the vanguard of all popular causes are found struggling to...

Implications of Multan by-election

NA-149 was a two-horse race, with the PPP candidate absolutely nowhere. Is the PPP’s decline in the province terminal?


Ebola: Pakistan beware

APROPOS ‘Strategy devised to prevent spread of Ebola’ (Oct 16), there seems little awareness about Ebola virus...


Pakistan was founded on the theory of separate electorates for the minorities. Mr Jinnah and his team believed that...

Road closures

ANYTIME political public meetings are held, we start witnessing the closure of roads around the Mazaar-i-Quaid. The...

‘MPhil versus MSc’

THIS is apropos the letter ‘MPhil vs MSc’ (Sept 30). The writer has rightly pointed out the apathy of officers...

Wider service roads

THE East-sector E-11 service road is the only access available to sector E-11 and D-12 Northern strip. Besides, it...

Social media & wisdom

SOCRATES once said, wisest is he who knows he does not know. This adage has the key to understand the increasing...

Water shortage

I wish to draw the attention of the authorities, towards acute water shortage in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. For the past...