More, not less

Forcefully displacing one set of individuals will not automatically produce angelic democrats.


LNG import: some questions

Is the govt thinking of sharply increasing the number of vehicles running on CNG after this decision is implemented?

Perilous journeys

The desire to flee violence and persecution, as well as seeking greener pastures, often leads to desperate steps.

VIP culture

Taken as a principled stand, it must have felt good even if it wasn’t an earth-shattering victory.

Left behind as Asia forges ahead

A “complex tapestry of relations” that is being woven in the region ever since India’s new prime minister was elected.

Talks, not theatrics

Both the government and its opponents, the PTI and PAT, seem more interested in taking aim at each other.

Road show

An automobile show brought together some 500 stately ladies of the mechanical kind at the Expo Centre.

Dangerous possibilities

In certain national security circles, the renunciation of violence by Punjabi Taliban will be greeted with satisfaction.


Al Qaeda in S. Asia

Al Qaeda is on the backfoot, and is hard pressed to prove its relevance in a changing world with the spectacular ...

Revolution no solution

IN the present political situation, every person wants a revolution of some sort in the country. It almost seems ...

Attack on PTV

This refers to the letter on the above issue (Sept 14).I would not like to comment whether the attack on PTV was...

Punjab in politics

Imran, Qadri and the Sharif family have divided Pakistan’s volatile, oppressive and aggressive society.Previously,...

Sit-ins & democracy

THE beauty of democracy is in the protests, and sit-ins like the one in progress these days in Islamabad. The...

‘Stomach democracy’

FOR the man in the street ‘democracy’ is a synonym for stomach. In future one may hear patients say, “ I have ...

Khuhro-Mazhar row

APROPOS Metro South (Sept 13), it was heartening to note that finally Sindh has got an education minister, Nisar...