A part-time leader

As a leader, the absent Nawaz Sharif is expected to focus on the job for which he was elected.

Women watching women

This strategy of using women to discipline other women is not a new one. It has been previously employed by Saudi Arabia

Plane truths

A probe into the MH17 crash may not be conclusive.

How bad is the PPA?

In the journey from Pakistan Protection Ordinance to Pakistan Protection Act, many issues have been addressed.

Retail Ramazan

Rampant commercialism in Ramazan is completely in line with the nature and history of Pakistan’s economic growth.


The regional challenge

Meetings between senior officials and their Afghan and American counterparts have underlined concern of Pakistan.

Karachi operation

There are differences between the federal and provincial governments over the campaign’s ownership: HRCP

Without the leaders

For many, the leadership’s personal tours abroad signify a kind of retreat

Delayed electoral reforms

The PC on Electoral Reforms will definitely meet at a time when most politicians will be interested in theatrics.

What’s up at KSE?

The small investor is still advised to be cautious about the excessive euphoria that is being peddled by the brokers.

The ‘other’ drones

A sense of excitement must not delay a debate on the use of the drone camera

The debate on drones

There is an opportunity to attempt something previously not possible: a rational discussion on the issue of drones.


It’s time the nation was built

AGITATIONAL politics is detrimental to nation-building at anytime and anywhere. But resorting to such actions at a...

Risking lives

THE government has come out with a plan to celebrate Independence Day on Aug 14 at D-Chowk in Islamabad this time...

The IDPs challenge

THE government needs to take the challenge of IDPs as a win-win situation. It is time this challenge was turned into...

Puraan distributary

GROWERS at the tail-end of the Puraan distributary (more than 100 villages) have been without water for many months....

Getting rid of interest

DAWN published a report in March that the Federal Shariah Appellate Court would start from March 24 the hearing of...

Paying MV tax

IN July vehicles owners are required to pay their motor vehcile tax. However, the experience of paying MV tax at the...

SBP monetary policy

THE most important part of the State Bank of Pakistan’s monetary policy announcement on July 19 was not the fact...