Carrying my heavy bag pack over my shoulders, I stepped out of my house, ready to leave for school. My school was around a kilometre away from my place, and so I preferred walking instead of going in a school van.

After wishing a warm goodbye to my mom, I started off to school. I saw a couple of students hurrying and getting into their vans and cars, while a few others preferred walking just like I did. I kept on looking at the scenery and trees that made me feel cool and internally relaxed. I even saw a nest in which a bird was busy feeding its child.

Then I saw an old woman holding a stick in one hand and a heavy shopping bag on the other, walking in front of me. I felt, she was in pain and difficulty, carrying the heavy bag and so I instantly moved towards her and helped her carry the bag up to her home.

She gave me a pleasant smile and patted me on my shoulder saying, “May God bless you, my child.”

This made me feel very happy and proud of my act. I reached the pathway and continued with my journey. I felt the cool air pass by that even made some tree swing hard. Suddenly a branch of tree overhead fell beside me with a hard sound. This made me jump and say, “I thank God it didn’t hurt me.”

While crossing a park on my way I saw two lovely squirrels, fighting over a nut and then running after each other, as if they were humans, this made me smile and love the bounties and creations of God. I looked up at the sky and again took a deep refreshing breath.

I moved further and a few minutes later I came across a beautiful pond with two gorgeous swans swimming in it. I moved over to it and offered a piece of a biscuit I was having, to one of the swans who gulped it instantly, I moved my hands over her fluffy fur and felt the softness.

I was about to offer it another piece of biscuit, but, that lovely creature moved away. I touched the water, splashed it towards it and then continued with my journey. I kept on walking looking around, feeling fresh, when I arrived near my school gate. I smiled remembering my delightful journey and went inside.

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