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A PSO pensioner’s appeal

THE Pakistan State Oil Company takes good care of its retired employees.

However, unlike the past , there is an inordinate delay this year in formalising the annual increase fot the company’s management pensioners.

Federal and provincial government pensioners have already received increases of 30 and 20 per cent for old and recently-retired employees, respectively, as announced in the budget 2012.

The Pakistan State Oil Company is the largest company in the country, and among the world’s 500 top firms and also listed in the Fortune 500.

It will be an irony if it does not grant similar, if not higher, annual increases to its management pensioners.

I appeal to the managing director of the company to look into this grievance of pensioners and help them get their due increments at the desired percentage without further delay.


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Sep 30, 2012 04:26am
World economy is now changing.No Fortune 500 companies are providing any comprehensive retirement benefits.Please realize this fact.
Mahmood Minhas
Sep 30, 2012 04:12pm
Millions of pensioners are there in federal and provincial government who avail increase as and when announced by the governement, but unluckly the autonomous bodies and companies earning billions of profit usually stop release of increase to their retirees. National bank is caring bank of the retirees but in good welfare, the pension increase for the last three is stopped to their retirees. The attitude of all the big units is same.