Mystery of a missing diplomat

MYSTERY surrounds the whereabouts of a Pakistani ex-diplomat who was lately assigned to a very important foreign Capital. Although he was recalled from that post several months ago and his successor has already taken over, he has not yet returned to Pakistan. Nor does anybody seem to know where he is.

More than one Government department, including the Foreign Office, would very much like to know where is the ex-diplomat who, for present purposes, may be called “Mr X”. When, however, the name of the ex-diplomat is mentioned or any other enquiry about him made, officials become tight-lipped.

A number of rumours are, nevertheless, doing the rounds of the City, including diplomatic quarters. One hears of such things as the secret cypher, contents of diplomatic bags — and Embassy funds.

Rumours also have it that attempts might have been made by a certain Power to exploit “Mr X” in order to queer Pakistan’s relations with another Power.— Staff Correspondent

Colour bar in London

LONDON: Fifty men at a London cartage company threatened to strike if the company hired a coloured mechanic. A company official said the man “comes up to everything we want and is very suitable for the job, but the men apparently don’t like the colour of his skin.” —Agencies 

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